Indochine - Le Manoir (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

The Mansion

Take me,
Take me in a mansion,
Bind me
Bind me even lower,
And lead me,
Lead me where the sky does not exist
I think you know the effect that it gives us
Rescue me, I see that you know how to burn
All of our brains and,
Become heroes
I know that someone is willing to see our lives
The darkroom
I think you're like a flame around the cross
And as an angel in the clouds
Take me,
Take me even lower
Worship me
Worship me
Through woods and then
Take me,
Take me to where the sky does not exist
Leads me,
Take me to the mansion, because
You are like me,
You are like me,
Even lower
And you will see that we will go,
Before it destroys us
Slip enough sleep before they wilt
There will be no secrets, you know,
Between you and me...
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