Amália Rodrigues - Lá porque tens cinco pedras (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Because of five gems...

Now because of five precious gems,
Adorning a new ring of yours,
Lately you're talking to me
Like you're throwing stones at me.
Whereas you find in these brilliants
Much pride and vanity,
I have all the streets of stone
To come and go as much as I please
Woe is me, I didn't know
That your seducing look
Always hits the bull's eye
As accurately as a shepherd's aim
But don't you dare pass by me,
Smiling from ear to ear,
With air of satisfaction in your face,
Because, surely, I'll throw a stone at you
For all the wrong you did to me
And then, you'll convice yourself
Of the truth in that old saying
" If your roof is made of glass..."
"Don't throw stones at your neighbor's house"
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This part can be also rendered as

Pois hei de chamar-te "a pedra"...
Because I shall call you "stone"...

Here literaly, I don't think it translates good to English

Eu tenho as pedras da rua pra passear à vontade!
I have the stones in the street to come and go as much as I please

I don't know why on earth the poet talks about the aiming skills of a shepherd. Probably because they are supposed to throw stones in other animals that stick around, willing to attack the flock... Regular smile


Lá porque tens cinco pedras

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picavet    Sam, 14/03/2015 - 17:00

"I don't know why on earth the poet talks about the aiming skills of a shepherd."
Look on the Internet for "the shepherd's sling". In my part of the world the shepherd had a long stick with a small shovel at the end with which he would pick up some dirth or a small stone to throw at a sheep that was not staying with the flock or to incite it to carry on. See: and