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  • Serge Gainsbourg

    La recette de l'amour fou → traduction en anglais

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The recipe for crazy love

Into a boudoir bring a very tender heart
On the couch let it sit and relax
Pour a drop of port
And place yourself at the piano
Play Chopin
With disdain
Run through your chords
And if it drops off
Well then, throw it out
The second evening have that tender heart return
Let it simmer for a good three quarters of an hour awaiting you
And if it still hasn't left
Be sure that it is cooked
Without betraying yourself
Let it shiver
Make it wait some more
And if it drops off
Well then, throw it out
The following day you have but to be gentle
Dim all the lights and without waiting
Play the farce of great love
Say "never", say "always"
And devour 1
On the couch
But, after the throws of passion
Ah, if it drops off
Well then, kick it out
  • 1. 'consommer' can translate as 'consume' or 'consummate' which works rather well!
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La recette de l'amour fou

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anglais Gavin
Luke EllenbergLuke Ellenberg    Lun, 30/03/2020 - 11:23

I like everything here except
“Consume on the couch” doesn’t make sense.
It should be consummate it on the couch or make love in the couch. One consumes food, it’s like the word consumer.

   Mar, 07/04/2020 - 15:36

I know what you mean but the song is deliberately describing a recipe as though a dish is being prepared. 'Consommer' does allow for both meanings so of course it works better in the original language. I think on reflection though I'll add a note to make that point thanks!

On second thoughts 'devour' seems rather apt. How do you like that? Regular smile