Laura Pausini - La solitudine (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais


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Marco has gone and will not return any more.
The train at 7:30 without him.
This is the heart of metal without a soul
In a morning coldness of a grey city.
The bank is empty at school, Marco is inside of me and his sweet breath is between my Thoughts.
A huge distance, it seems, divides us
But the heart is beating strongly inside of me.
Who knows if you will think about me,
If you ever talk to your parents,
If you are hiding like me,
Avoiding looks and stay there.
In a locked room and don't want to eat,
You are pressing the pillow to the heart,
Crying and don't know
How much another pain the loneliness will bring you.
Marco, I have one photo in my diary,
You have the eyes of a bit timid child.
I clasp it strong to my heart and feel that you Are here, between exercises of English and Math.
Your father with his advises, what a monotonia!
He has taken you away because of his work,
Of course, he has never asked your opinion.
He has said:”One day you will understand me”.
Who knows if you will think about me,
If you will talk to your friends
Not to suffer for me any more
But it is not easy, you know it.
I can not stay at school any more
And afternoons without you..
To study is useless and all the thoughts are filled with you.
It is impossible to divide
Our life
I am begging you, wait for me, my love,
But I can not deceit you.
Loneliness between us
Is this silence inside of me.
There is an anxiety to live
The life without you.
I am begging you, wait for me, because
I can not live without you.
It is impossible to divide
Our story.
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La solitudine