Law Omry Yergaa (لو عمري يرجع) (traduction en anglais)


Law Omry Yergaa (لو عمري يرجع)

وقبل ما يبقى بينا كلام
شايف فى عينيك سنين قدام
حبيبي خلاص لقيت عمري
معاك احلوت الأيام
بقت أجمل من الأحلام
ياريتك جتلي من بدرى
أنا كنت فين
وانت يا عمرى كنت فين
قبلك سنين مش محسوبين من عمرنا
احساس جديد
والحلم ده مابقاش بعيد
كل اللي بتمناه لقيته معاك هنا
لو عمري يرجع بيا تاني
هاعيشه جنبك من جديد
ولا يوم هاغيب عنك أنا
ومين ما حلمش يبقى معاك
برىء ولا زيك انت ملاك
منور دنيتى وقلبي
خلاص هابدأ حياتى معاك
وأكمل عمرى وأنا وياك
ياما اتمنيت تكون جنبي
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traduction en anglais

If My Lifetime Goes Back Again

And before there was a speech between us
I saw in your eyes years ahead
My dear, it's over, I've find my whole lifetime
With you the days got sweeter
They became more beautiful than dreams
I wish you'd have come earlier to me
Where was I
And where were you, my life
Before you, years aren't counted in our age/life
A new feeling
And that dream is no longer far
All I hoped for, I found here with you
If my lifetime goes back again
I will live it beside you all over again
And not a day will I ever be away from you
And who hasn't dreamed to be with you
Innocent, & not even an angel is like you
Bringing light to my life & my heart
That's it, I'm going to begin my life with you
& complete my lifetime while with you
A lot I've hoped, for you to be beside me
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