Keny Arkana - Le rap a perdu ses esprits (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

The rap has lost his mind

Hey, the rap, the enemy that you disputed at your beginning has recovered you
And your soldiers shoot on each other, have lost sight of their mission and their camp
Have forgotten that few of us have the floor and that it is rare and valuable...
That it can hurt as it can relieve
That it can shoot down the hope or shout the pain of people, shout even if it offend
Represent its ideals or the ones
Of a lost generation well awared that it went heywire here...
The hope in the heart of mine runs out
But let's keep th Faith that a new day may born
We can not change the world, that's for sure iif we say it us
We can already change it at its scale, it's always better than to pit up with it...
Hey you the rap, you forgot what made your strenght
Hey, the rap, don't turn your coat, your questioning is drowning
Hey the rap, wake up, I know you're not dead, only hypnotised
By the enemy, the one that you cursed at the beginning
Hey the rap, some need you
The voice of the forgotten, remember, the fight is harsh and a lot believe in you
In your integrity, your claims
But the rap, you're free so take it as an indication...
The rap has lost his mind, impossible to bring it to hos senses
A bit like hypnotised
It's as if rhinesthones and sequins have impressed him
Recovered in their camp in order tobetter imprisonned him
Hey the rap, your soldiers kill each other, don't forget your mission!
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Le rap a perdu ses esprits

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