Les Mots (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Mylène Farmer
  • Artiste invité: Seal
  • Chanson: Les Mots 5 traductions
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The Words

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(Firmly the sky writhes
When the mouth causes a dead
Here, I will give my life to hear you
Saying the words, the most tender)
When all Becomes all alone
I'll break my life for a song
And to lives, that 'stoop to notice mine
I know I will say goodbye
But a part of this life
I would give anything, anytime
(The universe has its mysteries
Words are our lives)
You* could kill a life with words
Soul, How Would it feel
If our lives are so fragile
Words are mysteries
Words feelings
Words of love, a temple
If one swept the world away
One could touch the universe
I will tell you how the sun rose, how
We could with a word become one
(And for all those words that hurt us
There are those that fondle us
Which illuminate, touching the infinite
Even if none exists)
For a fraction on this life, we
Will give anything, anytime
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Les Mots

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