A lie has no legs

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Lügen haben kurze Beine
What is done by night, appears by day
Explications :
Truth will out
Explications :
U laži su kratke noge
Explications :
La mentira tiene patas cortas
Explications :
Le bugie hanno le gambe corte
Explications :
Mentira tem perna curta
Explications :
Всё тайное становится явным
Explications :
Det som göms i snö kommer upp i tö
Explications :
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A lie has no legs. Because a lie has nothing to support it ("no legs" to stand on), it is unsustainable and can be easily recognized and dismissed as a lie.
For example - A: "I'm really worried that this rumor about me is going to reach the whole school." B: "No way—a lie has no legs, so the truth will definitely prevail."

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Harlej - Why I Have Feeling, That

When I want good leaves I have to well muck
The best is connect pleasant with useful
A lie has no legs but can move for long distance.
I know that everything, but why I know it?