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Loka Siliva (traduction en anglais)


Loka Siliva

He Māhina si'ene halani
Huelo ha 'i he loto tahi
Langa noa hoku 'atamai
Manatu 'o fakatupu tangi
'Amusia pē 'a e matangi na
'Oku ne angi fa'iteliha
Kae hopoate pē kita
He 'ofá 'oku loka siliva
'Uisa he fāhiná 'ene hopo
He fihinga maile laumomo
Ko hoto kahoa tuku 'i loto
Teu tauleva 'o 'ikai ke to'o
Si'i lose he taukakapa
'Oku fotu he ngoue kakala
'Oku hā he seití ne tapa
Ho 'īmisi koulá tokotaha
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Silver Locket

Versions : #1#2
'O moon, her radiance
Like rays echoing across the sea
It brings aches to my thoughts
and memories full of tears.
I envy the wind
It surges freely
But, I succumb myself to
This love: a silver locket.1
Alas, the fāhina blooms2
Tangled within the maile laumomo3
A potential necklace held within4
I try to snatch it, but fail.
Distant rosebuds
Blooming in a garden of flowers
The glittering jade comes to view
Your solitary vision of gold.
  • 1. The word 'loka' actually means (verb) 'to lock' or (noun) 'a lock'. But in this context, I would think 'locket' fits better.
  • 2. Fāhina is a fragrant white flower native to the islands of that region.
  • 3.
  • 4. lit. "it's necklace held within" -- meaning that the person sees the possibility of a necklace being made using the flowers of the fāhina and maile laumomo.
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