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Paroles de « Epigram / Oh, Castlereagh! »

  • Artiste : Lord Byron (George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron (1788 – 1824) )
  • Traductions : russe #1, #2

Epigram / Oh, Castlereagh!

Oh, Castlereagh! thou art a patriot now;
Cato died for his country, so didst thou:
He perish'd rather than see Rome en­slaved,
Thou cutt' st thy throat that Britain may be saved!
So Castlereagh has cut his throat!--The worst
Of this is, - that his own was not the first.
So He has cut his throat at last!--He! Who?
The man who cut his country's long ago.
(August 1822)
Merci !
Publié par Алексей ЧиванковАлексей Чиванков 2022-12-01


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