Sébastien Agius - Ma Chance (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

My luck

I've been looking
as long as I needed to find it
The impossible wouldn't have got the better of me
Just because I had your smile
Turn, turn the wheel, turn
When love puts the blame on you
We don't know how lucky we are
My luck came through you
As gold under my fingers
And I know I'm not the same anymore
When I walk under your sun
I wished
as long as I needed to grant my own wishes
My troubles*, I let them cast away
I stepped on your beach
Turning, turning, the winds are turning
On a morning your breath on me
Because your heart honours me
Chorus (x2)
On the sidewalks that light up
I let my steps resound**
And I feel so proud by your side***
Because your heart honours me
Chorus (x3)
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* in french galère is also a kind of ship, and "faire naufrage" is "to be shipwrecked"
** literaly : I let my steps go
***literaly : at your arm

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