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Paroles de « Remember Me »

  • Artiste : Machinae Supremacy
  • Album : Into the Night World (2016)

Remember Me

Life is strange sometimes, wouldn’t you say?
I know it was for us, but that’s okay
You made me smile, I taught you how
and you do it too, even just thinking about it now
I know it isn’t easy,
but nothing worthwhile ever is
It was a dream,
a perfect image of a life that turned out to be
just a moment, lost with me
Our time we had together,
we thought would last forever
You will always know
what we said and what we showed
Stay with me,
in this moment I remain in your arms,
in your memories and dreams
Will you wake up and still remember?
Once you belonged, you had found your way
Oh, to feel alive and safe every day
Those little things that matter most, you know?
We had, and more, it was indescribable
I know it isn’t easy,
but nothing worthwhile ever is
Our love was true,
but now the promise of the future calls to you
I know you hear it, too
Will you wake up and still
remember me?
Merci !
Publié par LithiumLithium 2022-08-12


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