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    Es Horta de Marchar → traduction en anglais

Taille de la police
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It's time to leave

If it's true that there's something more
I will wait for you
I need to rest
Your love, I'll take it with me
I'm going to a place
Where time is an illusion
The breeze is coloured
The voice, music
And the sun is made of cotton
I'll pass through the light
In the form of eternity
My voice will be silenced
My body will be yesterday
In drops of soul I go
Navigating towards the end
Don't doubt that when looking
Inside yourself
You'll be able to find me
You'll be able to find me
Youll find me
When your time is up
It's time to leace
Prepare your journey well
Don't be afraid and go
Don't cry for me anymore
I'm always close to you
I'll wait for you in the light
There, where
The pain doesn't exist
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Es Horta de Marchar

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