Kannadasan - Maharajan Ulagai Alalam (traduction en anglais)


Maharajan Ulagai Alalam

susIlaa: mahaaraajan ulagai aaLalaam
intha mahaaraaNi avanai aaLuvaaL
mahaaraajan ulagai aaLalaam
pulavar paada arasar kUda
aRinjar naada vaazalaam
pudhumai kURum manaivi kaNNil
ulaga inbam kaaNalaam
ti.em.eS: mahaaraaNi avanai aaLuvaaL
adhil mahaaraajan mayangki aaduvaan
mahaaraaNi avanai aaLuvaaL
pulavar paada arasar kUda
aRinjar naada vaazuvaan
pudhumai kURum manaivi kaNNil
ulaga inbam kaaNuvaan
ulaga inbam kaaNuvaan
mahaaraaNi avanai aaLuvaaL
susIlaa: naankku pakkam thiraigaL
aadum paa malar manjcam
adhan naduvinilE kudai pidikkum
thUdhuvan nenjcam
ti.em.eS: maan koduththa saayalangkE
mayangkattum konjcam
antha mayakkaththilE thalaiviyidam
thalaivanE thanjcam
susIlaa: paadhaththil mugamirukkum
ti.em.eS: paarvai iRangki varum
susIlaa: vEdhaththil layiththirukkum
ti.em.eS: vIram kaLaiththirukkum
iruvarum: aaaaaaaaaaaaa
susIlaa: mahaaraajan ulagai aaLalaam
ti.em.eS: kaNNanaiyum antha
idam kalakkavillaiyaa
intha karNanukku mattum
enna idhayamillaiyaa
susIlaa: vaLLalukku vaLLal
intha peNmaiyillaiyaa
entha mannavarkkum vazangkuvadhu
manaivi illaiyaa
ti.em.eS: aLLi aLLi koduththirukkum
susIlaa: anthi pagal thuNaiyirukkum
ti.em.eS: uNNa uNNa vaLarnthirukkum
susIlaa: ulagamE maRanthirukkum
iruvarum: aaaaaaaaaaaaa
susIlaa: mahaaraajan ulagai aaLalaam
credit: Jayanthi & tfmpage.com
Publié par senthil le Mer, 22/09/2010 - 18:32

YEAR: 1963

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traduction en anglais


He takes care of the world, but who but the wife to give him new and world,
He may live surrounded by the wisemen, but it's the wife who will
Introduce to the newnesses of the world.
She will take care of him, give all the newnesses,
To anybody the certain bestower is only his wife,
He will surrender to her hesitance, she would know
Not other than give his strengths night and day.
Publié par senthil le Mer, 22/09/2010 - 18:46
Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

People may feel i have very much abbrievated the song; when i began translating, i was more abstract, but i have grown more straight now; anyway, to preserve an example of the abstraction, i have not attempted to change my original version. I might also have avoided some explicit description of love, imposing my preference for "ideas" only. Here the faithfulness to the original may come under question, but i feel we are justified if from translations we seek the fresh ideas and no further perspective. Use-deriving by the learner may get precedence over un-distorting the author, respecting the limits of presumption..

Guest    Jeu, 09/06/2011 - 04:24

Where's the rest of the translation??? If u start something, then pls put the effort to finish it. Thankyou

senthil    Sam, 16/07/2011 - 13:05

I am sorry, as i already explained, that's the full translation of the "ideas" in the song; that was my style then. I understand i have to put in a more faithful translation, and i cannont ignore "emotions". I shall replace this translation.

algebra    Sam, 16/07/2011 - 14:29

Can you also give a more adequate version of the text in Tamil? The text looks awful. Capital letters mixed with low case ones. If yes, you can past the corrected text in your comments. I'd be immensely grateful Regular smile