Make a move on

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Make a move on (anglais) — To show someone you are sexually attracted to them

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Traductions de « Make a move on »

anglaishit on someone
Explications :
anglaiscome on to someone
anglaismake advances to/at someone
Explications :
anglaismake a pass at someone
Explications :
arabeيعمل الخطوة الأولى
bulgareсвалям някого
Explications :
espagnoltirar los tejos a alguien
Explications :
grecτην πέφτω σε κάποιον/α
russeСделать первый шаг

« Make a move on » dans des paroles

'Cause when I look at you
I feel something tell me
That you're the kind of guy that I should
Make a move on
And if I don't let you know
Then I won't be for real

Brandy - I Wanna Be Down

Never gonna find somebody like you
Beauty with a brain and a body too
I could never make a move on a woman that leads me on
She's got a little bit of something for everyone
It's a little too late and the wolf is on the run

Bee Gees - This Is Where I Came In

I can't stand the here and now

Leave town for pity's sake you know
It's time to make a move on
Cos in three days I'll be out of here
And it's not a day too soon

Supergrass - St. Petersburg

It can't be comfortable when the whole thing's about fall.
To make things worse, it all goes so fast and we try to hold on as they go past.
We need a Peter, we get a Paul; at least Judas had some balls.
To make a move on these building doubts about how this messiah thing would shake out, "I feel the nail against my skin, wait for the hammer to drive it in."
It can't be comfortable when you know the whole thing is about to fall.
"We're dying on the inside."

Fucked Up - The Other Shoe

[Got a licence to kill]
Licence to kill

Say that somebody tries to make a move on you
In the blink of an eye, I'll be there too
And they'd better know why I'm gonna make them pay

Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill

Don't be fooled
you won't pass the test
my friends will make a move on you
I want to see
your reaction

Chae Yeon - Favor

I will be the last you see; it's irony
I'll be the one to take all your glory
You wrote the end to your own life story
Make a move on me
I'll be your last memory
Take me down

Trickywi - Destiny Bond

I knew for sure that everything would be clear this time
She looked at me and then said:
"You are the greatest man who's ever been there for me!
I am called Dieter and I'll make a move on you now!"

Thanks for the flowers!

Udo Jürgens - Thanks for the flowers

[Verse 2: Scott & Both]
Girl I'll be sleeping in your bed
Watching old re-runs of Friends
No I won't ever make a move on you, no
But I heard your brother's pretty cute

Superfruit - Sexy Ladies

Good one Dave!!!
Ooohhhh you're a legend, Dave!
I asked Dave if he's going to make a move on you
He's not sure
I said "Dave do you mind if I do?"

Flight of the Conchords - The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)