make yourself at home

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Чувствай се като у дома си,
Настани се удобно

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A common phrase used by a host toward their guest to indicate that the guest may get comfortable and relax in the host's home.

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Osecaj se kao kod kuce.

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Seventeen (South Korea) - Home

Perhaps it could be a bit tricky
But I’ll always be standing here for you
You can make yourself at home

Slipknot - Spiders

Make yourself a martyr's pet
And watch them all escape (spiders, spiders, spiders, spiders)
Make yourself at home instead (spiders, spiders, spiders, spiders)
You'll lose your toxic waste (spiders, spiders, spiders, spiders)

Danay Suárez - I learned

I learned that wanting to know everything everyone says about me is my threat.
It's opening the door to Envy, saying "How are you, miss? Enter, make yourself at home."
That things happen, but errors weigh on

Natan Goshen - 26

So she breaks down the walls, every day a bit more
Make yourself at home, she'll say, sit on the couch
Have it all but don't fall asleep, you look gorgeous to me

Eleni Foureira - Call Ya

I might send you away right to your phone
Oh, when the DMs look empty (empty, empty)
Oh come through but don't make yourself at home

Mac Miller - Stay

Just a little while, just a little while, just a little while
(I don't wanna be polite no more
Make yourself at home, where the fuck you gon' go?)
Will, you, stay, just a little while, babe?

Cheek - The lights go down

Once in a while I think did I create a monster, which I knew nothing about when I started with Kilpiö*
When I needed help Tommi and Kapa invited me to the squad,
They said: make yourself at home, meet the bunch
If somebody tried to touch Jare*

Norlie & KKV - Seven Eleven

We'd give you anything you need
So make yourself at home, mi casa es su casa[fn value=1] we use this idiom in English quite a bit, it means "my home is your home" in Spanish, and it's another way of saying "make yourself at home" to your guest[/fn]
My heart is racing and we are water and fire now

Mascha Kaléko - Recipe

Live on borrowed time and see
How little you need
Make yourself at home
And keep your suitcase ready

Eric Clapton - Lay down Sally

In wanting you to stay here with me.
I know you've got somewhere to go,
But won't you make yourself at home and stay with me?
And don't you ever leave.

Koos Kombuis - The Fuck All Song

We've finally got a chance to show the world something
of our friendly democracy
So make yourself at home

Muppets Most Wanted (OST) - The Big House

Life ain’t bad in the Big House, no, froggy, no
Check out after ten or eleven years
Make yourself at home

The Weeknd - Outside

Forget what you know
Make yourself at home
‘Cuz baby when I’m finished with ya you won’t wanna go

Paul McCartney - Anyway

Anyway, anyway, you can make, that call
You feel free, to make yourself, at home, woh-oh, ah, oh

Mattiel - Count Your Blessings

Your body will be whole again
Your body will be whole again
Make yourself at home again
Count your blessings, one to ten

Nicole - Alone in Greece

I’m a stranger here, and yet I’m among people
telling me: Come and make yourself at home
Might be that I will forget

Orelsan - Holes in the Head

Photo of a little fat girl with Tigger
Next to a post-it on the fridge: "Hello!
I'm in class, little sweetie, I'll be home at noon, make yourself at home. Kisses!
PS: I miss you already! See you! "

You Me at Six - Straight To My Head

You go straight to my head
Make yourself at home there
'Cause you're goin' nowhere

Momus - The Penis Song

Once gave a lecture he entitled 'everything I know'
Taking the title literally, he spoke four years or so
And I intend to do the same, so make yourself at home
(Pull up a chair, smoke a cigar or something)

Clarice Falcão - I'll remember

<strong>Clarice:</strong> When he arrived
<strong>Silva:</strong> She came upstairs
<strong>Clarice:</strong> I said "Hi! Make yourself at home!"
<strong>Silva:</strong> It was me who said "Hi", but she didn't hear me