Man up!

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Grow a pair!
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Fa' ll'òmmo, nun fà' 'a criatura!
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Man Up! or, Man Up Dude!
The imperative form telling someone to act with the features, the fortitude of a man and not be bashful or indecisive like a boy or soft like a woman. A man excessively showing pain or complaining might be told to 'Man Up!

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Mahsun Kırmızıgül - I Won't Break Down

I'm always waiting to see,
The pain and the suffering, today I became like this,
In absences I stretch out my chest (man up),
I'm always waiting to see,

Alexander Rybak - I came to love you

and all the sudden
I'm happy, strong and proud.
That's when I man up.
Girl, do you mind if I say this out loud.

Iron Maiden - Wasting Love

Maybe one day I'll be an honest man
Up till now I'm doing the best I can
Long roads, long days, of sunrise to sunset
Of sunrise to sunset

Travis Scott - Pick Up The Phone

Macaulay Culkin' baby, Home Alone
I thought I was right
Then I had to man up, I was wrong
I hate when we fight

NB Ridaz - Lost in love

My heart is in a trance
They say that true love is so hard to find
I thank the man up above
For making you mine

Troye Sivan - Bite

I can be the subject of your dreams
Your sickening desire
Don’t you wanna see a man upclose
A phoenix in the fire

Zazie - The man I am

I go round in circles, I go round in circles.

I am a man and I assess
All the horror of my nature

Five Finger Death Punch - Back For More


It's time to rise up, man up, get back up, never bend and won't be broken
Dust off and then come back for more

Stromae - Where are you, Dad?

Mister-know-it-all inherited it. Is that it.

His fault is that he couldn't man up or what?
Tell me where you’re hiding!

Santigold - The Keepers

Say I don't make no rules
No one even knows I'm here
Now its on you to man up
You say no weight'll hang on what you say

John Legend - Glory

We'll cry glory, oh glory

Selma's now for every man, woman and child
Even Jesus got his crown in front of a crowd

116 Clique - Man Up Anthem

We the last of a dying breed, it’s time that we …


Nasty Boy Klick - Lost in love

My heart is in a trance
They say that true love is so hard to find
I thank the man up above
For making you mine

AC/DC - Rock 'N' Roll Dream

You come up and you don't know why
Where goes a woman with a warm embrace
Does a man walk in the hard rain
I'm amazed at the mess you found

Nicki Minaj - N.I.G.G.A.S.

This is for my niggas than stand up
All uh my niggas that's gon fight All my niggas that man up (C'mon)
This is for my niggas with big dreams

Victoria Justice - Gold

Hey, boy, whatcha gonna do
If you want me like I want you
Then man up and make your move
I’m gold, gold

The Game - Ali Bomaye

That's a gray ghost, with the ears on it
Swimming through the hood like it got fins on it (Tell 'em!)
You know I got that work on the foreman grill
Weigh the muthafuckas in, made another mill'

Michel Sardou - The river of our childhood

I remember Rome
The sun that cast a shadow
The sorrow that makes man up

Comedian Harmonists - That's the Love of Sailors

but it means he'll be saying goodbye soon!
That's the love of sailors,
from the smallest and most common man up to captain.

Chanel West Coast - Alcoholic

Pour it in my cup hold it up, way up
Liquor, Liquor, Liquor, Liquor,
let me see you get drunk, let me see you man up
Liquor, Liquor, Liquor, Liquor,

Shaban & Käptn Peng - Oho

linger there for a while because that drives away your confusion<fn>"Verpeilung" (normally "Verpeiltsein") is a certain kind of confusion, difficult to translate. It's a temporary confusion which leads you to make stupid mistakes that you wouldn't do if you'd thing clearly. Very literally it means "delocation"</fn>
I'm holding you up, so I'll go, bye and peace"
That's how it was at that time<fn>the German line implies that it's long ago</fn> when I lost my mind

Karis - La amas como yo

that i make her vibrate and feel a woman for sure
that in my arms, your girl becomes wild
that she wishes that a man would love and truly burn her

Vanessa Paradis - I'm Waiting for the Man

I'm waiting for my man
Twenty six dollars in my hand
Up to Lexington 1-2-5
Feeling sick and dirty more dead than alive

Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon

switch on your nitrous and let's go!
Destination, for navigation
man up ya stations
feel the sensation,

Ylvis - Mr.Toot

Come with me to Istanbul
Land of turbans, spice and carpets
This is the tale of Mr. Toot
Legendary music man

Eminem - 911

They pop shit like they gon do shit but no one does
From New York down to Texas, back up to Los Angeles
We've changed the way we move so man up if you can't adjust
You may end up getting rushed by too many to handle us

Julian Marley - Boom Draw

A boom draw of herb deh by bed side
Open book of scriptures I man wont deny. Keep It high Y all
The grass is greener on the other side. A good meditation I man cant hide.

The Forest Rangers - Lullaby For a Soldier (Arms of the Angels)

May you stay in the arms of the angels

May you grow up to stand as a man (up)
With the pride of your family and name

D12 - My Ballz

He got dropped and the ball came loose
And shot up like a flare, I gave the ball a stare
And use my lineman's shoulder as a chair
Now I'm flyin' through the air like a superhero

John Lennon - New York City

so we decided to make it
our home
If the man wants to shove
us out

Die Fantastischen Vier - Juice

I mean awful or not is relative anyhow
In the end, every experience is positive
Like for the woman who is single
and who misses the fun of togetherness

Jojo - The House That Jack Built

This is the house that Jack built y'all
Remember this house

This was the land that he worked by hand

Jennifer Hudson - We Gon' Fight

Why trip on conversations bout our past
Like we didn't make it
Like we didn't man up and take it
Straight up and with you

The Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For The Man

I'm waiting for my man
Twenty-six dollars in my hand
Up to Lexington, 125
Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive

Fifth Harmony - Sensitive

[Verse 2: Camila & Lauren]
Boy you better man up, going places
Don’t know where I’m going but I can’t stay here

Natasha Bedingfield - A.N.G.E.L.

Get up
If you got a good one, put your hands up
Go ahead lift your man up
Get up

Hayden Panettiere - Wake Up Call

It seems like I gotta do wrong,
to get your attention, (get your attention)
but maybe when I call this man up,
you finally start to wake up,

Mary J. Blige - Good Love

Aye where my ladies at?
Throw you hands up.
You see a sucka lookin’ at you tell him man up.
So he bought a drink, tell’em and what.

Grouplove - Colours

You've still got your hand

So I am a man, man, man, man
Up, up in the air

Sevyn Streeter - It Wont Stop (Remix)

J's on with your shades on
Just to bring me something to eat
You the man up in these streets
But when it comes to my heart

Sevyn Streeter - It Won't Stop

J's on, with your shades on
Just to bring me something to eat
You the man up in these streets
But when it comes to my heart

Mike Munich - Referee

Man down, now the game is over
Man up, take another shot
Round 1, comin for another

John Legend - heerlijkheid

We zullen zeker te zijn, zullen we hier zeker
Oh, glorie, glorie
Oh, glorie, glorie Handen aan de Hemel , geen mens, geen wapen dat tegen, ja glorie is bestemd Elke dag vrouwen en mannen geworden legendes Zonden die indruisen tegen onze huid geworden zegeningen De beweging is een ritme aan ons Vrijheid is net als religie aan ons Justitie is naast elkaar plaatsen in ons Gerechtigheid voor allen gewoon is niet specifiek genoeg Eén zoon stierf, zijn geest is revisitin 'ons Truant Livin 'Livin' in ons, de weerstand is ons Daarom Rosa zat op de bus Daarom lopen we door Ferguson met onze handen omhoog Als het naar beneden gaan we vrouw en man up Ze zeggen: "Blijf laag" en we opstaan ​​Shots, we op de grond, de camera gepand tot koning wees naar de bergtop en we rende een dag, toen de heerlijkheid komt Het zal ons zijn, het zal onze zijn Oh, op een dag, toen de oorlog is één Wij zullen zeker, we zullen hier zeker Oh, glorie, glorie Oh, glorie, glorie glorie Nu de oorlog is nog niet voorbij Victory niet wordt gewonnen En we zullen op vechten tot de afmaken Toen het allemaal gedaan We zullen glorie huilen, oh glorie We zullen glorie huilen, oh glorie Selma's nu voor elke man, vrouw en kind Zelfs Jezus kreeg zijn kroon in voor een menigte Zij marcheerden met de fakkel, we gon ' met het lopen nu Kijk nooit terug, we zijn klaar gegaan honderden mijlen Van donker wegen stond hij op, om een held te worden Facin 'de competitie van justitie, zijn macht was de mensen Enemy is dodelijk, een koning werd vorstelijk Zag het gezicht van Jim Crow onder een kale adelaar Het grootste wapen is om rustig te blijven We zingen, onze muziek is de bezuinigingen die we bloeden door Ergens in de droom hadden we een openbaring Nu we het recht van de misstanden in de geschiedenis Niemand kan de oorlog te winnen individueel Het neemt de wijsheid van de ouderen en jongeren energie Welkom op het verhaal dat we noemen overwinning Comin 'van de Heer, mijn ogen hebben de glorie gezien een dag, toen de heerlijkheid komt Het zal ons zijn, het zal onze zijn een dag Oh, toen de oorlog is één Wij zullen zeker, we zullen hier zeker van te zijn Oh, glorie, glorie Oh, glorie, glorie glorie Toen de oorlog wordt gedaan, als het allemaal gezegd en gedaan We zullen glorie huilen, oh glorie

Deuce - Who We Are

Swallow pride and never fold.
I had no choice but to face the fact that my father's gone,
Should I cry or man up? Proud to be my mother's son.
Got a case and went to jail, under pressure didn't tell,

PaceWon & Mr. Green - Hip Hop

[Verse 1: Pacewon]
Yeah, raise the banner, emcees it's time for you to man up
Cock ya hammers, but instead of bustin' off slugs we use grammar

Girlicious - 2 In The Morning

It's 2 in the morning, get your hands up
If your sitting, stand up!
DJ, better man up!
It's 2 in the morning, on the dance floor

Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil

Talkin' 'bout "I'ma call up Trick Trick"
Man, you sound like a bitch, bitch
Man up and handle your shit (ugh)
Mad about somethin' I said in 2012

Wu-Tang Clan - Ruckus In B Minor

My lines is like Peruvian coke, go ahead and try one
My recipe is A1 remarkable with my mixture
Rainman mathematician, this city slicker
Finest threads cover my frame, the cloths of royalty

Forty Fathoms - Backstabber

Backstabber, backstabber
You cross the line
They should lock a man up for thinking thoughts like mine

Aram MP3 - Help

Sometimes you get up
Sometimes you fall down
Either you man up
Or get used to being out of count

Da-iCE - Everybody

I'm looking so blue the sky is laughing at me (ah ah)
You're telling me that's all you're crying for? (let's go!)
It's time to man up and wipe away my tears now
I promise I will get you back

Black Crowes - Sister Luck

Worried sick my eyes are hurting
To rest my head I'd take a life
Outside the girls are dancing
'Cause when you're down it just don't seem right

S.Kalibre - No Peace

I'll probably never see peace where I live fam
The only one that gets the big peace is the big man
I'm not a rich man but I don't chase the queen
Plus money is the reason for the things I've seen

Meek Mill - Stand Up

Young nigga just man up
I just hope that you man up and don't give the fam up
I just hope that you man up and don't give the fam up
Real nigga for life

Maxime Le Forestier - If You Were Born in May

From the depths of your cradle
You watch without looking
This big bearded man, up there
Who looks at you

The Book of Mormon (musical) - Man Up


Paloma Faith - Crybaby

(Let me see you cry)
And there's no reason you got to hide
A real man shows his feelings
Tears they can be healing

Mel McDaniel - Love Is Everywhere

There was no sunshine on his back porch, no flowers in his yard
He claimed that he'd looked high and low but love could not be found
But it didn't take much, just a woman's touch to turn his world around

Vesterinen Yhtyeineen - On The Dark Roads

since strong ones never do
the wind waves his hair
but nothing wakes old man up

Dschinghis Khan - Dudelmoser

Listen up, they call me Dudelmoser
Dudel dudel dudel di deiwill (2)
If a man up here can't be a hunter
He gotta be a poacher

Jaden Smith - Fast

Before they shootin' me
With all their cameras and bullets
I swear I'm the man up in France with the hooligans
Yeah, I'm up with Centipede, you do not answer me

Vesa-Matti Loiri - The laughing tramp

Laughing to the moon

[collect yourself Puppe, man up]

Set It Off - Why Worry

Stand up, life is too damn short,
That clock is ticking.
Man up, if ya feel me,
Everybody sing it.

Bastille - Lethargy

"C'mon, relax"

There's an English man up in space these days
Floating in awe and wonder

Spose - I'm Awesome

Now put your hands up
If you have nightmares
If you wouldn't man up if there was a fight here
If you got dandruff

Fight Songs US College - The Gator Swag

Well, if you know that you a Gator fan please stand up
And even if you ain’t bro well don’t stand up
We came a long way now it’s time to man up
My team make a play every time I say “Hut”

Lorne Greene - Sand

<em>"They faced it, those men of the West:
The mountains, the prairies, the rivers.
Here's the story of a prospect to man up
With the worst of them all - the desert."

The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) - Oogie Boogie

don't joke, don't joke
I won't hear more, shut this man up
my tears will flood, you make me laugh, you kill me

Villain of The Story - Break The Chains

Now you have nothing

It's time to man up & stand up for what you know is right
And realize that it's vital that we all stay alive

Bones - Sodium

Take it how you want it, get mad when you get it
Blame everyone around you for the money you ain't gettin'
Boy man up to the life you ain't livin'
Times get chilling, sometimes I forgive him, my minds on a rhythm, so get the fuck up when I see you

Maka - The little things that love is made of

Sometimes she comes back in the evening,
She tells me that she misses me,
But I man up - she does not deserve me ...

Orchid (sf) - Leaving it All Behind

A child of social graces not
A man up against the wall
You'd give to me everything you got

Dok2 - Riatch

날씨 좋은 곳으로
뜨는 게 내 취미 imma ball
Biggest man up in this game but i aint tall
뭐든 만족하지 못해 하나론

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Wanted Man

Wanted man in Cripple Creek
Wanted man in Detriot City,
Wanted man in San Anton'
But there's one place I'm not wanted lord,

Cho PD - Man Up

일, 사랑, 돈
you can have the world
if you only stand up & man up
VJ 조pd watch me

George W. Bush - Kanye Vs. Bush

You made it about the race.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
We're human, we make mistakes.
Look at his face.

Drake - March 14

He probably coulda did stand-up
Yeah, but at the same time he's a stand up
And that's how you gon' be when it's time to man up
October baby for irony sake, of course

Bogfinkevej - Detours

'Cause I don't want to miss out on anything - don't want to feel bypassed
So I end up jumping over the fence where it has barbed wires[fn]A play on words with the Danish saying "Jumping over the fence where it's the lowest," which is the Danish equivalent of "cutting corners."[/fn]
I know you think I should man up, maybe get a job in a bank
But I'm all like "Hey"

Laurie Berkner - The Cat Came Back


So he gave it to a man going way out West
He told him for to take it to the one he loved the best

The Game - Ali Bomaye

That's a gray ghost, with the ears on it
Swimming through the hood like it got fins on it (Tell 'em!)
You know I got that work on the foreman grill
Weigh the muthafuckas in, made another mill'

Michalis Violaris - Everything for you

My Kypro (I am guessing it is the name of the man, however it also means Cyprus), for a laughter of yours
I would give my man up for you (However here it seems like they are talking about the country and a soldier)
Only with you I would accept

Ocean Wisdom - Walkin'

But im feelin undertakerish, putting niggas in graves and shit
Ask True Fizz, us man are runnin shit
But the truth is, these other man are runnin quick
But if the shoe fits, wear it, and it fits me

Emeli Sandé - Higher

Weighing up the stacks, she got the pot of coffee
Finish off the track he wants the proper copy
I ain't even gas a man up proper cocky
I'm just in that zone, you keep on knockin', knockin'

Chas and Dave - Gertcha!

When the kids are banging on his door
When the barman won't serve him any more

Paraziții - Truth is stranger than fiction!

Chorus x2
Tell me, old man , what's supposed to mean,
Is it i Wonder, too late, or maybe too early !?

Planet P Project - Why Me

Why me? Why Me?

The last man to be here was never heard from again
He won't be back this way till 2010

Judy Henske - High Flying Bird

Oh, then one day my man, he up and died
My man up and died, Lord
My man up and died, Lord
(Yes, he did)

Denzel Curry - MAD I GOT IT | MAD 1 GOT 1T

Bandana on my motherfuckin' face
.38 on my motherfuckin' waist
When you see me better man up
Better make like a roller coaster, put your hands up

Irving Berlin - Alexander's ragtime band

Come on along, come on along
Let me take you by the hand
Up to the man, up to the man
Who's the leader of the band

Hoodie Allen - King to Me

[Verse 1]
Yeah, okay, the man who showed me how to fight
The same one who took the training wheels off of my bike

PMMP - Little brother

Reads comics in bed, reads comics in bed with me

Stay always as my little brother and a bird, never man up
I don't want any more adults in our house

Ignacio Copani - Tanguey

it's not easy to stop being a boy in life
because whith this of the crimes and the AIDS
to change your life you gotta man up.

Sukkerchok - Turn Me On

Oh, you beat a record in Donkey Kong
Oh, but you play my Xbox too little
Oh, pull yourself together, come on, man up
Or it's Game Over

Anna K - A Song About Tears

A sweet waterfall of your words
So love me for whatever reason
Stop crying and man up finally

brentalfloss - Zelda II With Lyrics

The yellow road is your priority, you're sorta like Dorothy
Man up!
You'll have to fight your shadow hand to hand (Again, just like Peter Pan)

Tatianna - The Same Parts

[Verse 2]
First man up (First man up)
His hands on my hips