Man up!

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Grow a pair!
Explications :
Fa' ll'òmmo, nun fà' 'a criatura!
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Man Up! or, Man Up Dude!
The imperative form telling someone to act with the features, the fortitude of a man and not be bashful or indecisive like a boy or soft like a woman. A man excessively showing pain or complaining might be told to 'Man Up!

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« Man up! » dans des paroles

Mabel - Mad Love

Get it all night, give me mad love
(Come with your body on mine, mine, mine, mine)
Don't be too nice, better man up
(Keep it up all night, night, night, night)

Jessi - Who Dat B

Why you freeze, you scared? Goddam
Goin’ in, just watch and see who makes it
You can try your cute tricks, you betta man up
I’m a brand, give me the cash

OSN 高爾宣 - Without You

Complaints that I keep repeating
They tell me to man up
I know man but I fuckin can’t
Helped me delete Instagram

The Forest Rangers - Lullaby For a Soldier (Arms of the Angels)

May you stay in the arms of the angels

May you grow up to stand as a man (up)
With the pride of your family and name

Bones - Sodium

Take it how you want it, get mad when you get it
Blame everyone around you for the money you ain't gettin'
Boy man up to the life you ain't livin'
Times get chilling, sometimes I forgive him, my minds on a rhythm, so get the fuck up when I see you

Idles - Samaritans

I kissed a boy and I liked it

Man up
Sit down

Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil

Talkin' 'bout "I'ma call up Trick Trick"
Man, you sound like a bitch, bitch
Man up and handle your shit (ugh)
Mad about somethin' I said in 2012

Alexander Rybak - I came to love you

and all the sudden
I'm happy, strong and proud.
That's when I man up.
Girl, do you mind if I say this out loud.

Jessi - Who Dat B

두고 보면 알지
부려봐 재롱
U betta man up
나라는 brand

Alessia Cara - Easier Said

Listen up, shake off the cloud that follows you around
Think fast, change your mood, and be approachable
Man up, crawl your way up off the ground

Oliver Tree - All That

Now let me take another
I'm falling and I can't stand up
My dad used to tell me man up
Me and my brother put the gloves on

Vesterinen Yhtyeineen - On The Dark Roads

since strong ones never do
the wind waves his hair
but nothing wakes old man up

Michalis Violaris - Everything for you

My Kypro (I am guessing it is the name of the man, however it also means Cyprus), for a laughter of yours
I would give my man up for you (However here it seems like they are talking about the country and a soldier)
Only with you I would accept

Denzel Curry - MAD I GOT IT | MAD 1 GOT 1T

Bandana on my motherfuckin' face
.38 on my motherfuckin' waist
When you see me better man up
Better make like a roller coaster, put your hands up

Zazie - The man I am

I go round in circles, I go round in circles.

I am a man and I assess
All the horror of my nature

Jessi - Who Dat B

wae eoreo neon jjora Goddam
Goin’ in nuga dweljineun dugo bomyeon alji
buryeobwa jaerong You betta man up
gyeongjaengi sse naraneun Brand

The Game - Ali Bomaye

That's a gray ghost, with the ears on it
Swimming through the hood like it got fins on it (Tell 'em!)
You know I got that work on the foreman grill
Weigh the muthafuckas in, made another mill'

Mahsun Kırmızıgül - I Won't Break Down

I'm always waiting to see,
The pain and the suffering, today I became like this,
In absences I stretch out my chest (man up),
I'm always waiting to see,

Theoz - Why Why Why

How will I ever know ya
If I don't man up and talk to ya
Why why why

Dschinghis Khan - Dudelmoser

Listen up, they call me Dudelmoser
Dudel dudel dudel di deiwill (2)
If a man up here can't be a hunter
He gotta be a poacher