Tunisiano - Mariage forcé (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Forced Marriage

[Chorus 1 - Nassi]
Don't ask me to choose between my father and mother, no.
I wouldn't be able to tell you which of them is more precious, no.
Don't ask me to choose between my father and mother
I could never, no
[Verse 1 - Tunisiano]
In the land of the heathens, between a religious way of life and Satan
Off-road hustler, despite 30-odd springs
Yes, I made my place there, my dirty tricks, my studies,
I picked up my codes and my bad habits,
Hard to gain altitude, hard to move forward,
Shared between two lands, I don't know where I am.
Yes I'm the small white boy, healthy in my village,
And despite my tan, I still have France in my face.
Here is a kid suffering from a duty to remember.
Tainted, a sheep in the bath
Yes, choose my origins, I couldn't do it
They need to know what it would be like for
A tree without roots, or a man without attachment tortured
France-North Africa. A dream of parents who don't retreat
Who gave birth to a whole generation of lost children
Choose a place - what I'm saying is all crazy nonsense
As if I was asking you to choose between your mother and your father.
[Chorus 2 - Nassi]
Don't ask me to marry one or the other, I don't want any part of this forced marriage.
Don't ask me to choose between the two, because I'd be forced to divorce
Lost in my doubts, my markers fly away
How could I make this choice.
It would make me sick. It would make me sick!
[Verse 2 - Tunisiano]
Tell me what I own except an origin to flaunt.
Even some dirty mutts have asked me to disown them.
Lost between two countries, these differences that are hammered in
Child of the homeland, not a descendent of Charles Martel.
Do I have to be docile, silent, invisible without causing trouble?
To excel to be a good foreigner?
I'm not allowed to be 'meh' or mediocre. I remain in a virtual world
Mixed features, a sign of our times.
Your prejudices are heavy, difficult to override
Demonized, the sisters have put a long veil over short-sighted ideas
Disadvantaged, you leave as a loser from the start.
I offer roses to those who are depressed
A freakish phenomenon, a real sucker to smack around
History has shown us a name can be a handicap
What is in our features - don't try to erase it.
We're still full of riches, prejudices to get past.
[Chorus 1 - Nassi]
[Chorus 2 - Nassi] (x2)
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Mariage forcé

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