Mecnunum Leylamı Gördüm (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Erkan Oğur
  • Chanson: Mecnunum Leylamı Gördüm 3 traductions
  • Traductions : anglais #1, #2, grec
  • Demandes: bosnien, croate
traduction en anglaisanglais

I'm Majnun, I saw my Laila

Versions : #1#2
I'm Majnun, I saw my Laila
She only glimpsed and passed
Neither I asked, nor she told
She passed frowning
I couldn't ask a couple of words
If she had a face of moon or sun
I thought she was Venus
Her light was incinerating
I couldn't dwell because of your heat
I couldn't grasp this mystery
I couldn't see her at the dawn
She passed as a star shooting
I don't know which constellation
These wounds hurt us
Your dimple arrow sometimes
Goes on my breast, hitting
İzzet-i says how mysterious this is
I saw a dream while sleeping
She made lariat with her hair
Love, put it on my neck, passing
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Mecnunum Leylamı Gördüm

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