Mets kohas (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Juhan Liiv
  • Chanson: Mets kohas
  • Traductions : anglais

Mets kohas

Mets kohas tumedalt, tõelt...
Ma kuulasin himuga.
Ta kohin tiibu laotas
mu üle ju hällissa.
Ta tume kohin jäi rinda,
seal kohab nüüd alati -
ma nagu tad taga leinan,
ei rõõmsaks saa iialgi.
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The Forest Rustled

The forest rustled, omnious...
I listened with foreboding.
Even over my cradle
the rustling spread its wings.
The dark rustling settled in,
and rustles in me always -
as if in mourning for it
I´m forbidden any joys.
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Translated by Jüri Talvet and H. L. Hix

First appeared in Estonian Literary Magazine

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