Amália Rodrigues - Meu amor, meu amor (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

My love, my love

My love, my love
My body moving
My voice looking for
its own lamentation
My bitter lemon
My aggressiveness/selfishness¹ grows
We stopped (frozen) the time
We don't know how to die
And we are born, born
of our sorrow
My love, my love
My grey bird
It is crying because of
the distance we are from each other
My love, my love
My confusion and suffering,
My huge tenderness
My ship made of torments
This sea doesn't heal
this sky has no air
We stopped the wind
We don't know how to swim
And we die, die
slowly, slowly
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¹ The literal translation for this word would be: dagger . However, if we are going to analyze the meaning of the word itself, we can't quite understand it. So, according to the Priberam (PT dictionary), the figure of speech says that "Punhal" means:

"Everything that may hurt and offend morally and deeply."

Therefore, the best word I've found are: either "agressiveness" or "selfishness" (if you're selfish, you don't care about others, and don't care about hurting someone else either.

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Meu amor, meu amor

Valeriu Raut    Lun, 08/07/2013 - 07:17

Better late than never.
(but never late is better)

One of your lines is too long: the distance we are from each other.
Try to shorten it.
Sincere thanks.