Thanasis Gaifilias - Mia Kiriaki (Μια Κυριακή) (traduction en anglais)


Mia Kiriaki (Μια Κυριακή)

lyrics-music: Thanasis Gaifilias
Μόνος γεννήθηκε, μόνος του έζησε,
μόνος δε θέλησε,
μόνος του έδιωξε την τύχη.
Mια Κυριακή μόν’ ήθελε δικιά του,
μια Κυριακή μακριά κι απ’ την κυρά του,
μια Κυριακή τη ζούσε στη σκιά του,
μια Κυριακή αυτός και η καρδιά του.
Μόνος του πόνεσε, μόνος του έκλαψε,
μόνος πικράθηκε,
μόνος του τέλειωσε τη ζήση.
Μια Κυριακή του κλείσανε τα μάτια,
μια Κυριακή τον έκλαψε η κυρά του,
μια Κυριακή που ήρθε κι η σειρά του,
μια Κυριακή δεν χτύπαγε η καρδιά του.
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traduction en anglais

One Sunday

Alone he was born, alone he lived,
alone he didn't want,
alone he kicked his luck.
One Sunday to be his was the only thing he wanted,
One Sunday away from his lady,
One Sunday he lived in his shadow,
One Sunday he and his heart.
Alone he was hurt, alone he cried,
alone he was sad,
alone he finished his life.
One Sunday they closed his eyes,
one Sunday his lady cried for him,
one Sunday that his time came,
one Sunday that his heart stopped to beat.
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Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

The very deep and poetic meanings-idioms give a very limited choice of words and the meaning can't be translated very well.
By the word "lady" I mean his wife as I didn't find any more suitable word for the greek "kira" and with the perifrasis he was sad I translate the greek word "pikrathike".

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