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    Mon Européenne

    traduction en anglais

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My European

She is Gallic with little white wine
She is against governments
She is not the daughter of religions
She is not a moneywhore
She is wind from the North or the West
She is wind from the South or the East
She is homeless in the street
She is always a waste of time
She is a gypsy she is profane
She is when the Gallic woman glides
She is always the smoker of joints
She sleeps in the train stations
She is in solidarity with the combat
She is Warsaw, Messina
She is not a banker for a penny
She is not boots at attention
She is homeless without borders
She is against totalitarianism
She is "Fuck you with your money"
Come on, go get a brunette
She is my face of Picasso
She is all my friends with a paintbrush
Kusturica Sarajevo
The Gestapo is not far away
My European is not Brussels
My European is not Geneva
She's not the money you walk or die
You know, for me, my European
She doesn't really have borders
Her body is the entire planet
No offense to the bourgeoisie
You know, this is my European, to me
She is keupon rat on the shoulder
She is the prison tattoo
She is the sobbing accordion
She is "give me a tango"
She is the destiny of origins
She has greco-latin roots
She is against the bank union
She is my revolutionaries
She is friends with Mimi Pinson
She is Romania without money
She is guillotine for the kings
She is rather like you and me
She is not from the media I think
She is not a bourgeois politician
She is a peasant in combat
She is a partisan when she drinks
She is a licensed worker
No, she's not the daughter of progress
She is a bandoneon in the métro
She is rather Manu Crado
She is northern, north-african
She is a little baltic too
She looks like a greek statue
She looks like Italy
It seems from Paris to Venice
It seems from Namur to the Marquesa Islands
It's Gauguin who paints the Earth
Like a paintbrush tells you my brother
My European is not Brussels
My European is not Geneva
She's not the money you walk or die
You know, for me, my European
She is not Merkel or Hollande
It's not false propaganda
Hate speech in the pub
She is romanian in the métro
She does not have a round end of the month
No offense to the bourgeoisie
She is not Mercedes I believe
She is rather Greek in combat
She is Swedish threesomes
She is my tab when I drink
She is greco-latin, Germanic
She is British when she hangs out
She loves bars, she loves beer
She loves the smell of the people
She is part wolf part dog
She is from where we are from, wherever we come from
She is Barcelona at heart
She is Venice, she is Verona
It's not the market of London
It's the hell of the Babylons
She is Cherbourg Saint-Petersburg
She is all the prostitutes of Hamburg
She is Russia, American
You know me, my republic hate
She is polka in the métros
She is gypsy she is Djangi
She is not the Calais ghetto
She is not the kingdom of the ticket
She is flamenco under Franco
She is the smile of the proletarian
She is the little morning in the pub
She is the face of Greta Garbo
She is the sobbing accordion
She is "Give me a tango"
She has Ukrainian beauty
My European is not Brussels
My European is not Geneva
She's not the money you walk or die
You know, for me, my European
She is not what happens on the radios
She is not what we read on social media
She is German, she is English
She is Flemish, she is French
She is Bulgarian, she is Slovak
Fist lifted against the truncheon
My Spaniard, my Italian
In farandole my European
She is Lithuanian, she is Hungarian
She is Walloon, she is from Liège
She is baltic, she is bohemian
My Bolshevik, my Norwegian
She is Athenian, she is Danish
She fucks me my Swedish woman
She is latin, anglo-saxon
And often it's true she is stupid
She is a continent with an old history
She is often at trading posts
She is Welsh, she is Gallic
She especially knows how to leave me the tab
She is the Polish revolter
She has blood from Northern Ireland
She is a greco-roman statue
You would see her, my European
My Venus for me when I hang out
More than everything, my European
Whether she is Chinese or Japanese
She can even be American
From Saigon to Tian'anmen
You know, for me, my European
She can come from all the lands
As long as she sings to me about missionaries
Yeah, it's sure, she has no borders
She has the body of the entire Earth
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Mon Européenne

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Cha ArmCha Arm    Mer, 21/11/2018 - 15:32

Salut ! Merci beaucoup pour les paroles et la traduction !
Je me permets de te proposer quelques modifs pour que le texte sonne plus anglais.
Métro : subway
Elle dort dans les gares en chemin : she sleeps in train stations on the way
Ressers une brune : give another bitter
Gueule : mug (my Picasso's mug)
C'est pas la thune tu marche ou crève : It's not dosh, you do or die
Des discours de haine : Hate speeches
Profane : non-believer
Elle est ouvrière licenciée : là ça dépend comment tu l'entends, soit c'est licenciée de l'université, alors "graduate worker" soit c'est licenciée, virée alors "dismissed worker". Je dirais plus la 2ème parce qu'après il chante "Elle est pas la fille du progrès" mais c'est à débattre bien sûr ^^
On dirait Paris à Venise, on dirait Namur aux Marquises : it seems Paris in Venice, it seems Namur in Marquises Islands
Elle est Russie américaine : She is American Russia
Elle est pas REINE du billet : she's not the queen of the bill
Elle a le sourire du prolo : she has the pleb's smile
Elle m'fout la trique ma Suédoise : She gives me a boner my Swedish
C'est vrai qu'elle est conne : it's true she's fucking stupid.
Voilà ! C'est un peu des détails mais ça rend la traduction plus juste je trouve ! Dis-moi ce que t'en penses !

MaickellzMaickellz    Jeu, 13/05/2021 - 14:35

Elle est quand la gauloise plane – isn't it about cigarettes? Like cigarettes making him high.
The previous line mentions gitanes, also a brand of cigarettes, and the following line has "joints". All could be a play on words though.