Money is no object

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英文的意思是"金錢不是值得考慮的問題", 花多少錢都沒有關係。例如要找到好人才, 薪水不是問題。金錢不應該是阻礙前行的因素, 應該考量比金錢更重要的東西。

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Used for saying that you have a lot of money and can buy what you want

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Frase utilizada para decir que tienes mucho dinero para comprar lo que quieras, aunque a veces no tengas lo suficiente para eso

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Fettes Brot - KissKissKiss

You were awake for three days at a rock festival
There was white wine and salmon
Hey but money is no object!⁴
But you feel inside that you're missing something

Ayreon - The Lighthouse

After being rejected by the Girl, the Prodigy turn to his only friend, the Teacher. The Prodigy needs a safe place where he can work on the Theory of Everything and take time to sort himself out The teacher knows of the perfect place – there's an old renovated lighthouse up for sale. After pulling off the bank scam with the Rival, money is no object: the Prodigy buys the lighthouse and retreats there, virtually going "off the grid." The teacher is the only one who knows his whereabouts, and checks on him every day.

It's time to put things in perspective