Na skraj świata (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Stashka
  • Chanson: Na skraj świata
  • Traductions : anglais
  • Demandes: russe
traduction en anglaisanglais

On the edge of the world

Let's pack suitcases
let's get what you need
The risk is always
just do not be afraid
It depends on us
as life passes us
We have an impact on
that peace shoot
So why bother
site and become
The doors are open
time to give and take
On the edge of the world with me fly
And let's see what's going on
Still so many undiscovered places
And life is so short
No matter where how and where
I'm with you I want to see it
This is not an escape
This is not the time insults
others resent it
they lack the courage
You in the hands of his fate have
and conduct their affairs
Do you mind that I
add you mine?
It's so important to
time to live
Already let's go baby
time gain peaks
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Na skraj świata

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