Nazanin (traduction en anglais)



نازنین آمد و دستی به دلِ ما زد و رفت
پرده­ی خلوتِ این غمکده بالا زد و رفت
کُنجِ تنهاییِ ما را به خیالی خوش کرد
خوابِ خورشید به چشمِ شبِ یلدا زد و رفت
دردِ بی­عشقیِ ما دید و دریغش آمد
آتشِ شوق در این جانِ شکیبا زد و رفت
خرمنِ سوخته­ی ما به چه کارش می­خورد
که چو برق آمد و در خشک و ترِ ما زد و رفت
رفت و از گریه­ی توفانی­ام اندیشه نکرد
چه دلی داشت خدایا که به دریا زد و رفت
بوَد آیا که ز دیوانه­ی خود یاد کند
آن­که زنجیر به پای دلِ شیدا زد و رفت
سایه! آن چشم سیه با تو چه می­گفت که دوش
عقل فریاد برآورد و به صحرا زد و رفت
Publié par shahabi le Dim, 20/03/2016 - 22:22
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traduction en anglais

Nazanin (Dear)

A dear (loved one) came, touched my heart and left,
She opened the curtains of my house of sorrow, and left,
She made me hopeful about my loneliness,
Made me dream of sun in the longest night of the year, and left,
She saw that I don't have the pain of love, and couldn't resist,
She set the fire of joy in my heart, and left!
What was the use of my burnt harvest for her?
That she came like the lightning and burnt everything, and left!
She left and didn't think about the fact that I would cry my eyes out,
What was that heart that she just threw it into the see and left?
Does she even remember the one that was crazy for her?
Even though she was the one that made me crazy and then left,
What was that beautiful eye saying last night,
that made my brain crazy and led me to wonder around the desert?
Publié par shahabi le Dim, 20/03/2016 - 22:40
Alma Barroca    Dim, 20/03/2016 - 22:47

Please don't add anything to the translated song title other than said translated title. That said, please remove 'Nazanin' from the translation title.

shahabi    Dim, 20/03/2016 - 23:02

The reason that I used Nazanin in the title is because it has ambiguity in the Persian language, it can mean a dear person or it can be girl's namee. That is why I put them both there so that it may transfer that point. Regular smile