Sergey Babkin - Ne uhodı ( Не уходи) (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Don't Go

Faster dreams leave fast dreams behind.
Dear, we aren't young, in our ages we have to think about life a little.
Lie gets out, it flows like sniffles in a shawl.
What else can happen to us? There are nails, there is a hammer -
Take it, hammer (a nail in me) deeper, tighten a knot tighter.
Dear My God, is it for sure that there isn't something more beautiful than this angel's mug?
My God, don't go
Don't let me fall asleep
My God, don't go
It's hard to breathe - lie on my chest
It seems that you've cut my hand because I cannot take yours. To stop, to stay alone
There are your lips - you can say everything in one moment like if you would want to ask about everything before your death.
How are you? How are your poisoned sting that has stung my soul?
Maybe it's a rite, maybe it's what we need, to keep each other in distance of a jump
Who can do it of both ofus? Is it for sure that nobody cannot say more than can dream up?
You are sharp, thin. When you're starting to speak I'm starting to shiver. To stroke, to scar, to scratch
I would beat you if I was another man, I would kill you, but there isn't something like this into me. Stinker, bitch, scum, bastard
My God, don't go
Don't let me fall asleep
My God, don't go
It's hard to breathe - lie on my chest
I would like to filled up holes like with crushed stone
That your road would be smooth.
How much time has God leaved for us?
It's seems that not very much.
I would like to snuggle up to your feet like a homeless puppy.
Take me to your home.
I'll be a good and faithful friend,
I'll see off you every morning,
I'll wait for you all eternity near to your home,
And meet you every evening under canopy.
If you don't want I won't teach you
Just don't ask me... to live..without you
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Ne uhodı ( Не уходи)

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