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Don't Worry

Milić on Yutel^
My old man opened up a bottle
He tried out the armchair
He said, "Again these sirs and Slovenes
And now ours too."
I was a scared little kid
I believed my dad when he said
"Don't worry
The world won't sell us out
It won't happen like that
Everyone knows that the JNA^^ is protecting us
We are the children of Yugoslavia
Don't worry, believe me."
Alright, ok, various holidays passed
And the neighborhood lay empty
The smart ones sold their houses
Us kids played klicker
________________ (?)
Žuće's aunt came from Vukovar to stay with them
She said her husband was killed with two bullets
Right in front of her eyes
My old man stopped sleeping at night
He just sat in the armchair and thought
He didn't think that we should run away
"Not us, it's won't happen to us"
We comforted each other at home
My mom worried and said
"Don't worry, son.
Tomorrow we are going to a wedding
At your uncle's place
Tomorrow Mahir will marry
Our dear Alma"
"Ok, I won't worry mama."
(sound of bombs)
That's that, do you understand, ____ (?)^^^
That's how they talk here in Zagreb
I became a Zagrebian
For an indefinite amount of time
I fit in with everything in Zagreb
When I have problems, I go to the Sava river
But it's hard to forget the memories in your head
Since I heard about the Dayton Peace Accords
I think in front of a concrete house
I remember my old man with a cigarette
It is hard without parents, this will be the fourth summer
And it's weird to go to the country
with all these f***ing entities (?)
It's weird when you are no longerr a refugee
When you walk through town
And you don't know anyone
Only strangers, and all are Bosnians
Armed Americans on the streets
Every thing is the same, actually nothing is the same
And mom and dad
are much skinnier than before
Dad drinks and says "pour us two"
While a second is being poured (?)
I see the tears in his eyes as he says
"Son, I'm f***ing sick of this
But you can still see that there must be some God
Yeah, this Swiss thing is gonna work, it will be a land of dreams
Everything will work out now that the government is new"
_______________ (?)
My brother said from the other room
"Edo, you can decide Australia or Canada
I'm motivated
There is no hope at all here
Just nepotism, (?), and illegal things
Let's leave together
So that we kids can get fat"
I said "Sorry bro, but I'm going to stay
When I can get them, black pills rock me
I drink home-made wine
It's really nice there
But here when I'm scared
I'll at least have someone to cry with"
Don't worry
My dear child
When you hear footsteps
My dear child
Don't cry
Everything, everything is going to be ok
Be strong for me and _____ (?)
^Yutel was a Yugoslav news TV show presented by Goran Milić that ran from October 1990 till May 1992
^^Yugoslav army that was later controlled by Serb forces
^^^These are examples of the dialect in Zagreb
Merci !
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Nemoj bojat se

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