Not a Madonna (traduction en allemand)

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Not a Madonna

What a lovely sight - an infant in the arms of our First Lady,
A husband of hers with his thumbs-up so cheerful and dandy.
Should not an artist out there contemplate a painting of this malady?
An uninformed on this earth might ask why I demean this pair -
Let me explain: the baby is an orphan yet to feel despair -
His parents killed, shot, mother's blood is in his hair -
her body shielded child with the armor of pure love -
while the hatred's bullets pierced through her heart.
So what does this disgraceful couple does but grin into the camera eyes!
Perhaps, they thought that Baron would be better off if they were shot?
There is not an iota of propriety, let alone some compassion in their expression -
So by all means, paint this travesty - just call it what it is -
NOT a Madonna with the SATAN's TOOL of husband and an INNOCENT!
Publié par BlackSea4everBlackSea4ever le Sam, 10/08/2019 - 00:21

Outrage overtook me:
Anger as grinning Trump gives thumbs-up while Melania holds El Paso orphan whose parents were gunned down and murder's words perfectly echo the ill-suited president's rhetoric against immigrants on south border.

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Keine Madonna

Welch lieblicher Anblick - ein Kleinkind in den Armen unserer First Lady,
Ihr Ehemann mit dem Daumen-hoch so fröhlich und herausgeputzt.
Sollte nicht ein Künstler da draußen über ein Gemälde dieses Übels nachdenken
Ein Uniformierter auf dieser Erde könnte nachfragen, warum ich dieses Paar abwerte -
Lasst mich erklären: Das Baby ist eine Waise, die Verzweiflung noch erfahren wird -
Die Eltern getötet, erschossen, das Blut der Mutter in den Haaren -
Ihr Körper schützte das Kind mit der Waffe der reinen Liebe -
Während die Kugeln des Hasses ihr die Brust durchbohrten.
Also was tut dieses schändliche Paar, außer ins Auge der Kamera zu grinsen!
Vielleicht dachten sie, Baron1 wäre besser dran, wenn sie erschossen worden wären?
Da ist kein Funken Anstand, geschweige denn Mitgefühl in ihrem Ausdruck -
So malt auf jeden Fall diese Travestie - sagt einfach nur, wie es ist -
KEINE Madonna mit einer SATANS-MARIONETTE von Ehemann und nicht UNSCHULDIG!
  • 1. Trump hat einen Sohn namens Barron
© Vera Jahnke
Publié par Vera JahnkeVera Jahnke le Sam, 10/08/2019 - 08:22
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Der Kommentar von BlackSea4ever:
Wut übermannte mich:
Zorn, als ein grinsender Trump den Daumen nach oben streckt, während Melania den El-Paso-Waisen hält, und die Worte des Mörders perfekt die Rhetorik eines ungeeigneten Präsidenten gegen Immigranten an der Südgrenze widerhallen lassen.

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BlackSea4everBlackSea4ever    Sam, 10/08/2019 - 08:52

Thanks, Vera. I am bitterly disappointed that my friends didn't all and one added their voices. I lament passion with which Jadis spoke about some wrongs. I'm guessing the rule is: don't expect and you won't get disappointed. I hadn't a moment of sleep yet - talk to you later and thanks once more.

Vera JahnkeVera Jahnke    Dim, 11/08/2019 - 13:15

I understand what you feel, Deanna! And I say it again: I am against hate and violence in every respect and in every country. I don't divide this one world into a stupid left-and right-madness, into GULAG and KZ, for to make a competition of cruelty and violence then.

And everything, what happens in this world depends on each single person, as I wrote in Dance of the Planets (Jupiter): "Why should I do it - The others don't do it, too - That's why nothing's done."

The core of all is "to do", and to do the right thing is simple: There is a dark way and there is a bright way, that's all. There is hate and there is love. War and peace. That is real, "Left" and "Right" are ideologies, inventions of our brains, nothing else. They became true, because we believed in it.

"Oh, please no politics, lets look at the wonderful dress of Melania on the picture…"
"No politics" – ok, "wonderfull dresses" – why not, but never ever support the "dark way" of hate!

So, there is this child from El Paso, its mother was killed. What will we say personally to this child?

"If you start pinning on every crime/murder in the world, good luck to you! 24 hours a day will not be enough"? or "What's the problem, over the hills and far away there are also dying children"?

What would you say, if someone says these words to you, after your own child, your own wife or husband, your own mother or father was killed?

Manipulation? Yes, we are manipulated by our emotions. That is not good, if they rule us, but it is good, if they help us to feel compassion with other people.

And then compassion is the motivation for this sort of protest, not boredom.

What does 6 millions or 20 million mean? Can we really cope with such numbers? It is nothing else than an abstraction which protects our souls to feel compassion.

If you make a party with friends, you say: "Peter, Paul and Mary were there" and not "3 people were there". What do we talking about? Numbers, kilograms or living human beings?

1 killed person is 1 killed person too much!