Not a Madonna (traduction en espagnol)

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Not a Madonna

What a lovely sight - an infant in the arms of our First Lady,
A husband of hers with his thumbs-up so cheerful and dandy.
Should not an artist out there contemplate a painting of this malady?
An uninformed on this earth might ask why I demean this pair -
Let me explain: the baby is an orphan yet to feel despair -
His parents killed, shot, mother's blood is in his hair -
her body shielded child with the armor of pure love -
while the hatred's bullets pierced through her heart.
So what does this disgraceful couple does but grin into the camera eyes!
Perhaps, they thought that Baron would be better off if they were shot?
There is not an iota of propriety, let alone some compassion in their expression -
So by all means, paint this travesty - just call it what it is -
NOT a Madonna with the SATAN's TOOL of husband and an INNOCENT!
Publié par BlackSea4everBlackSea4ever le Sam, 10/08/2019 - 00:21

Outrage overtook me:
Anger as grinning Trump gives thumbs-up while Melania holds El Paso orphan whose parents were gunned down and murder's words perfectly echo the ill-suited president's rhetoric against immigrants on south border.

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No una Madonna

Qué visión tan encantadora: un bebé en los brazos de nuestra Primera Dama,
Su marido con su pulgar hacia arriba tan alegre y un dandy 1
¿No debería un artista por ahí contemplar una pintura de esta enfermedad?
Un desinformado en esta tierra podría preguntar por qué menosprecio este par -
Déjame explicarte: el bebé es un huérfano que aún no siente desesperación -
Sus padres asesinados, tiroteados, la sangre de su madre en su cabello -
Su cuerpo protegía a un niño con la armadura del amor más puro 2
Mientras las balas del odio atravesaban su corazón
Entonces, ¿Qué hace esta desgracia de pareja sino sonreír a los ojos de la cámara?
¿Quizás, pensaron que Barón 3 estaría mejor si les dispararan?
No hay un ápice de decencia, y mucho menos algo de compasión en su expresión
Así que sin falta, pintar esta parodia - tan solo llamarla tal y como es
¡NO una Madona con la HERRAMIENTA DE SATANÁS del marido y un INOCENTE!
  • 1. traducido sería elegante pero en el vocablo hispánico 'dandi o dandy' está aceptado y recogido por la RAE. RAE definición: Hombre que se distingue por su gran elegancia y refinamiento en su pose y en sus modales
  • 2. Lo he escrito así porque el amor de unos padres y en especial el de una madre es el amor más puro que existe
  • 3. El hijo más pequeño de Trump y el único que tuvo con Melania
Publié par Dora VysotskayaDora Vysotskaya le Sam, 10/08/2019 - 01:31
Commentaires de l’auteur·e :

I've deceided to translate this poem for some reasons: I'm an orphan of Chernobyl and this makes me angry. It reminds me of what the Russian government did after the disaster: nothing... Well, cover it until finally it had to be known where there were no other choice. But this... I tought I'd never see something like this: This sweet baby whose mother and father were killed by a white supremacist triggered by Trump, who hunted them down for being Hispanic? Trump sees it fit to pose doing a thumbs up. Imbecil.
CNN's reports that the 2-month old baby orphaned in the El Paso shooting was discharged from the hospital and then brought back yesterday only for Trump's photo op.

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BlackSea4everBlackSea4ever    Sam, 10/08/2019 - 07:21

Thanks, I can't get over this photo. It is like an X-ray, MRI showing the cancer that these people are. To use the baby for a photo-up, to stand there smiling as if you met the family on a campaign trail, and thumbs up meaning what - good job you followed my words and killed? There isn't an acceptable explanation for the sheer callousness of Melania posing like this. No mother can forgive this. If she is stupid, her visa was issued on fraudulent basis, if she is smart - this is the cruelest act thus far. Notably, when asked if Trump will take down the ads calling immigrant influx "invasion" - a one word answer was given - No.

Dora VysotskayaDora Vysotskaya    Sam, 10/08/2019 - 16:08

On LT we should have the option emoji crying, like facebook one, because this makes me cry. I post a comment in your poem; is in Russian but never mind - you understand it well Teeth smile USA is a country of immigrants and I envy this. There shouldn't be hate there. Melania is Slovenian and Trump's father is from Germany. So why he act like that?? He thinks he is pure american? Well Trump you are not. I hate hypocrites. USA is a beautiful country but this... The most sensitive thing in the world: a mother who dies to save her baby. And this couple smiling and raising their thumb! This is not human. A human and a mother didn't do that. Donald doesn't give a damn about any of these people. Melania? Melania is a mother and inmigrant so she should be sensitive about this acts. She has a son... She is a mother. Does Trump even have the ability to empathize with other people? Response: NO!!! I'm an orphan but even if it wasn't; the only thing that I won't do for sure, if somebody says to me: here's a baby whose parent's are died (never mind the baby doesn't realize his parents died), is to lift my thumb and smile. I'm not able to do this; I'm a human!!!