(not my) cup of tea

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  • Expression idiomatique: (not my) cup of tea
  • Langue: anglais
  • Traductions idiomatiques / Équivalents: français
  • Sens expliqué : anglais, russe
  • Paroles contenant l’expression: 19 lyrics

Traductions idiomatiques de « (not my) cup of tea »

ce n'est pas ma tasse de thé
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Sens de « (not my) cup of tea »


something you enjoy (usually used negatively).

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(явно не) моё, мне (не) по душе, (не) в моём вкусе.

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« (not my) cup of tea » dans des paroles


Most of the youth are on Amphetamines, "Tilidine" or "Weed", "Cocaine" or "Speed", "Crack"
You might like it but it's not my cup of tea
Not my cup of tea!
Walk as you please! Step on a mine and die

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Der großartige Quinn

Mag's, wenn der Zucker süß schmeckt
Doch mich zu sputen und von einer Warteschlange zur anderen zu wechseln
Ist nicht so mein Ding<fn>Eigentlich heißt der Ausdruck "not my cup of tea".</fn>

Francky Vincent - Passion fruit

Honey, you give me your passion
And I find that fabulous
Feelings are not my cup of tea
I am rather super lover

Demy - Hold me

I don't know what happens every time that I look at you...
I am afraid of not losing you and of what fate is going to bring (to my life)
As much as I believe in love... No, it's not my cup of tea!
My body is searching for a warm hug of you!

Elton John - Border Song

Holy Moses I have been deceived
Now the wind has changed direction and I'll have to leave
Won't you please excuse my frankness but it's not my cup of tea
Holy Moses I have been deceived

Die Ärzte - Peace tank

The news is not my cup of tea
Wherever you look only murder and mass of deaths
the dogs of war are unchained again
when sisters and brothers hate each other again

Lidija Bačić - You're a damn good kisser

You say, wait, I'll come to your apartment,
but waiting is not my cup of tea,
an hour without you is like million days for me.

The Regrettes - Come Through

Look like a stupid tool
I know it must be hard to see
You're not my cup of tea
That's just what happens

Curt Bois - Don't you keep looking at that tango fiddler!

They have to love me just the way I am, or let it go.
If she falls for that -
There you are, that's not my cup of tea

Giorgio Gaber - The behaviour

But I'm not like Ambrogio
Integrity is not my cup of tea
To be comfortable

Gosti iz budushchego - Neatly

Smiling softly, I'm opening your door
I'm convincing myself - you're a shallow being
You're certainly not my cup of tea and I like something else
But something still wins me over

Yanka Dyagileva - Here I Am Sitting Like A Broad

A hotbed-grown one, apparently
Huh, whack me on my head with the phallic symbol
Heigh-ho, not my cup of tea again
They taught: neither to steal, nor to overwatch

Jamala - It's me, Jamala!

Oh why it's your priority
You write my dress and hair all right by now
But that is not my cup of tea
It's me Jamala!

Kazik na Żywo - I fuck per

If you asked me, I wouldn't agree
That's completely not my cup of tea
I don't say when I'm not asked to say, this is an honest run

Ella Fitzgerald - The Gentleman Is a Dope

The gentleman is a dope, a man of many faults
A clumsy Joe who wouldn't know a Rumba from a Waltz
The gentleman is a dope and not my cup of tea
Why do I get in a dither? He doesn't belong to me

The Rutles - Nevertheless

Life goes on
It only goes to show
It's not my cup of tea
It's all the same to me

The Magnetic Fields - I Wish I Had An Evil Twin

I'd get no blame and feel no shame
'cause evil's not my cup of tea

Luxuslärm - The last time

Played it through in my head
Yes, it's easy in my head
but somehow not my cup of tea
Words are like erased

The Cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK - Break Up Bye Bye (Filth Harmony Version)

You don't own me
I'm not your possession
You're not my cup of tea (tea, tea, huh)