O-Zone - Nu mă las de limba noastră (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

I Do Not Give Up Our Language

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If somehow, someday we are
Struck from above by ill fate,
Better we be mute all our life
Than deprived of our language.
Of another (language), don't whisper to me,
Don't shout it to me from under my window!
My opinion no longer changes,
I don't give up our language!
How long in this noisy world
Will human breath be?
Forever holy and beautiful,
May our language live on!
Fated in antiquity never to decline
With its high, magical pronunciation,
May our language always resound
Under the sun, like a song.
So my wish under the blue evening
is that even the pagan may know it.
I do not give up our language
Our language, Romanian.
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Nu mă las de limba noastră