Hariharan - o maname (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

O manamae o manamae// Oh my heart! Oh my heart!

Oh my heart! Oh my heart!
Why are you crying from inside?
Oh my heart! Oh my heart!
Why have you broken into pieces?
We only longed for the rain
Kanneer thuligalai thandhadhu yaar?
Who gave us tears?
We only longed for the flowers
Who threw ........?
By pulling the clouds and spreading it as my blanket
I wish to sleep in the sky
Our wishes were broken, torn into pieces
And thrown into the thorns by Love
In my dreams I was given love
A kiss is just near the sight
When my dream ended and I awoke
My hands were full of blood
Today are the ........?
Today are the failures complete?
There is no one who is born in happiness , is brought up in happiness and is covered in happiness
Thunbathil pirandhu thunbathil valarndhu There is no one who is born in sorrow , is brought up in sorrow and dies in sorrow
Half happiness and half sorrow
Both are parts of life
Only when cooked in the fire and bathed in the water
Gold becomes an ornament
Little failures are also needed
That is only the ladder to success.
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I am sorry to say that I don't know the meaning of "Koolan Karkalai" and "Thulaigal indri naayanama" I have translated the remaining part of the lyrics.If anyone knows the meaning of these phrases please add it as a comment and I shall correct the lyrics.Have a nice day!