Fares Karam - Khetyar Al Akkaze (ختيار ع العكازي) (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

an old man

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Titi your clothes and also do not have a regular clothing
Half of the men gone crazy about you
A small child held by his mother's name on his lips you are driving his father's brother, uncle crazy
Men melt for you is to run one day after singing for you and the student can not be taught you
You stole coolers men to burn the heart of all we can say wow
Made you in front of a crowd in the street. How are the people to stop light on the burning of the heart there
Car started going in reverse when Siad's say you
Wa until the old man tries to ignore, but you can not
Walk and walk and you continue to dress up and up like a child
Children die for you
The old man gone crazy and I'm scared he will fall down
Of the women around you were talking about you today, former
When women see you hid her husband from you
Even your best friend when I see you, and said it wants to kill her self
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Khetyar Al Akkaze (ختيار ع العكازي)

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