out of hand

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1- Out of control
2- without taking time to think
3- unchangeable (something bad)

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1) выйти из подчинения; распуститься; выходить из-под контроля; 2) немедленно, быстро, экспромтом; действовать без подготовки; проявлять несдержанность

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вийти із спокою, тобто поводити себе нестримано (укр. розпустив руки)

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« out of hand » dans des paroles

La Mafia - I am falling in love

I am falling in love with you,
But completely out of hand
Me who went on saying that it would never happen to me again.

Christian Nodal - I took my leave

You are not at fault
for what happened here.
It got out of hand
When I began to feel love.

Pantelis Pantelidis - One more chance

Snowy shipwreck,
I'm asking you a kiss from your wave
which have left me on the beach out of hand,
and if you want, skip

Gims - Anakin

Hard drugs in the kitchen, obscure Anakin (4)
Planet Earth is getting out of hand, I understand harakiri (5)
I spin, I spin like a vinyl, I spin, I spin like a guard

Indila - My Crazy Love

And you my crazy love, love, love.

The past can't[fn]I think the French text is missing a "ne" ("on ne peut" usually sounds exactly the same as "on peut" in casual speech)[/fn] be brushed aside out of hand
nor erased from our thoughts.

Jungle - Happy Man

Gotta understand
Blamed by the friends I lose
Who's getting out of hand?
Do you think they depend on you?

amazarashi - Philosophy

In order to protect myself, I hold my weakness like a shield.
I never let up my defences, until the day that weakness turns into power.
If my modesty and humility get out of hand, they’ll all head for the fields.
If my humiliation would be destroyed, then the weakness they mocked will crush the tower.

Rels B - Away from You

Yes, sir

I think it got out of hand
I hate you, I love you, we break up, we fuck

Inspector - I am Falling in Love

I am falling in love with you,
But completely out of hand
Me who went on saying that it would never happen to me again.

Gareth Gates - Anyone Of Us

Don't want to lose you

The situation got out of hand
I hope you understand

Lana Del Rey - High by the Beach

But that don't make you a man
Now you're just another one of my problems
Because you got out of hand
We won't survive, we're sinking into the sand

Amir Haddad - States of Love

At least forget the words that hold us back
Let's get out of here before the cup is full [fn] This means "before things go to far / get out of hand"[/fn]
Take my hand again[fn] Literally the line is "Take the hand again, I mean mine." but this is an usual way of saying it in English. [/fn]

Fanny Lu - Crying Is a madness

Therefore live It , enjoy IIt
coz Sometimes It gets out of hand
Therefore live It, enjoy It

Yes - Roundabout

Along the drifting cloud the eagle searching down on the land
Catching the swirling wind the sailor sees the rim of the land
The eagle’s dancing wings create as weather spins out of hand

J.I.D - Hasta Luego

We gon' get the chicken while we fucking hens
Don't let any nigga come fuck up the plan
If we gotta ride well then fuck it then, if a nigga die, it got out of hand
If I touch the sky then my other guys recognize, must avenge

Silver (Band) - Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang

Because I hear you singing to the tune I'm playing
Now that it's said and we both understand
We'll say our goodbyes before it gets out of hand

OG Kid Frost - La Raza

Just like the song when you're 18 With A Bullet
Got my finger on a trigger, I'm not afraid to pull it
If it gets out of hand I know some mafiosos
Who can pull out cuetes on some stupid ass babosos

Between Oceans - Lost or Found

Don't call this a fight when you know that this is war

This has gotten out of hand
Just shouting out things that we regret

Joy Division - Disorder

I've got the spirit, lose the feeling, take the shock away.

It's getting faster, moving faster now, it's getting out of hand,
On the tenth floor, down the back stairs, it's a no man's land,

Ezra Furman - Love You So Bad

You first kissed me in your parent's blue basement
I wanted you baby so bad
Sometimes we got out of hand
We bought drugs from a parking attendant