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The Ray of Light and the Goblin

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When the Sun ended its journey
The Ray of Light was left behind of her sisters for a moment
The dust was creeping in
The Ray of Light, with her golden wings
Was about to fly away from its path
When she saw a small goblin walking her way
He'd just emerged from his cave
Because, you know, goblins cannot be above the ground before sunset
They looked at each other
The goblin felt an odd flame in his heart
He said: "You burn my eyes
But I've never seen anything so lovely!
I don't mind if your glow makes me blind
I travel in darkness with ease
Stay with me, and I'll show you the way to my cave
And make you my own!"
The Ray answered: "My dear goblin
Darkness kills me
And I don't wish for death
I must leave immediately
If I don't fly into the light soon
I'll live no more!"
So, the beautiful Ray of Light left
But still, when the goblin wanders on his own
He wonders why one is the child of light
And one loves the night
Merci !
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