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Sunray and Goblin

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When the sun had run it's course
From her sisters she fell behind
- the last sun ray
As darkness was approaching
Sunray, Goldwing
Was just about to fly past it
When she saw a little hobgoblin walk towards her
He had just gotten up from his cave
See, before sunset Goblin cannot
Ever live on the ground!
As they watched each other
Goblin felt in his chest
A peculiar burn
He said: "You burn my eyes,
But never in my life
Have I ever seen anything so lovely!
I don't mind if your glow blinds me
It's easy for me to wander in the dark.
Stay with me, and I'll show you the way to our home cave
And I shall take you to be my darling!"
Sunray replied: "Darling Goblin,
Darkness will surely kill me,
and I don't wish to die.
I must leave at once,
For if I don't fly into the light,
I shan't live for another moment!"
And so beautiful Sunray left,
yet ever more when Goblin wanders alone
He wonders why some are children of the light
And some love the night.
Merci !
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