Padaš v meni (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Melodrom
  • Chanson: Padaš v meni 2 traductions
  • Traductions : anglais, russe
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You Fall Inside Me

When you fall asleep,
I leave,
When the morning comes I leave the room.
I move away
On my tippy toes, without a sound.
You fall inside me,
You fall in hopes of
An ordinary day
Being replaced by the one that changes
Everything you are.
Through the hallways
I hold my breath - the floor is weeping -
You hear it through the walls;
You call me,
Right when I unlock the entrance
With the keys that I want
For myself only,
When an ordinary day
Becomes a day that changes
What has been fading for too long.
There are no words,
It's light as a draught, this embrace,
It doesn't mean anything to me
If you cover
My shoulders with it,
When I'm awake.
You know that soon,
When it'll be over,
I'll be rough,
Without a thought,
When an ordinary day
Is replaced by an extraordinary one.
Am I waiting for it too eagerly?
It will find me behind the fronts.
The best ones fall there.
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Padaš v meni

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