paint the town red

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go out and have a good time

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Βγαίνω και περνάω καλά

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ortamlara akmak

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« paint the town red » dans des paroles

Verka Serduchka - Everything will be all right

All right
Everything will be all right
Oh, I feel I'll go and paint the town red, girls

DJ Artz - Night Club

The stashes are coming for free for this baby, the last chance is ******Neşet when i have troubles
Everything's fancy when i paint the town red, no moron could demoralize me
Ah i wish that the fortune smiled on me, come on be, let's hang out, take a walk

Fabrizio De André - Rose Mouth

in words Jesus himself might have said –
you know how folks like to advise you
once they’re too old to paint the town red.

Nik & Jay - We Won Today

You listen to a dope flow - no muzzle
Jump from the platform onto the train - triumphal
People of influence, we'll paint the town red and sky blue
We are in front of the entire crowd, they will need new sneakers

Digital Daggers - Where The Lonely Ones Roam

Won't you come out
We could paint the town red
Kill a little time

Zack Hemsey - Silver Crimson Black

Crimson have you searching for the exit on the floor plan
Crimson mob bold
Paint the town - red - giant uncontrolled
Red letter A's told

Ukendt Kunstner - Through the City

You're naïve, if you thought it would go unnoticed
Playing stupid as you keep pulling aces out of your sleeve
So I'll paint the town red with my broken heart

One OK Rock - Lost In Tonight

We’re writing

Paint the town red
We’ll do what we want

One OK Rock - Lost In Tonight

We’re writing

Paint the town red
We’ll do what we want

Beast / B2ST - This Is My Life

あるがままの discovery, nobody knows
好きな color で paint the town red
無限大の地図に place a dot

Combichrist - Άντε Γαμηθείτε

(Ένα μικρό κομμάτι σας) Πεθαίνει! [x16]

Eξέγερση[fn]Ακριβής μετάφραση: "Κόκκινοι τοίχοι".O στίχος πιθανότατα προέρχεται από την έκφραση: "Paint the town red" η οποία αναφέρεται στην εμπλοκή κάποιου/ων σε έντονες και αιματηρές εξεγέρσεις.[/fn]
Πρόκειται για επανάσταση

Clueso - Loser

I exert myself, take on you and invite you
You take everything with you and paint the town red to be on it
Might be that you distract yourself, but you know secretly

Marilyn Manson - Revelation #12

We'll paint the town red, we'll paint the town red
With the blood of the tourists
We'll paint the town red, we'll paint the town red
With the blood of the tourists

Alma Cogan - Meet Me on the Corner

Meet me on the corner, baby, make it a date
We'll eat at a diner and then after we're fed
We'll get out our brushes and we'll paint the town red
I'll be waiting for you, baby, don't you be late

Type O Negative - Gravitational Constant: G = 6.67x10-8 cm-3gm-1sec-2

And I've got no more love to give
Tonight's the night
I'll paint the town red
I'll put another hole through my head

Breakbot - Why

are better unsaid.
Don't ask why.
And if we go out and wanna paint the town red,
Don't ask why.

Fler - We Live It Up

You ask what comes off: Her bra, I take it off
Ask me what's running: Your girlfriend, she runs out
You ask what we do: We live it up[fn]'Paint the town red', 'party like crazy', 'go all out', etc.[/fn]
From the couch to my bed, from the bed to the couch

50 Cent - You know

I peep what niggas hate through my peripherals
Boy if I leave this club back to the car I got some shit for you
Want party? We can paint the town red
Them bottles ain’t shit to me a nigga got bread

Infinite - TGIF

We go we go we go up all night
(We go rollin’ rollin’)
Let’s paint the town red
해 뜰 때까지 우린

Saxon - Three Sheets To The Wind (The Drinking Song)

Time to get a round in
Night has only just begun
We´re gonna paint the town red
Getting out of our heads