Palabras de Papel (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Nelson Poblete
  • Chanson: Palabras de Papel
  • Traductions : anglais
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Words from Paper

A dream of black wings that covered you,
In the distance I heard a jar break;
Under the sand powerless to escape
I wanted to give you my will to live.
through that glass door
Your lost eyes wanted to find;
The invisible thread that brings me to you,
I prefer to think that you still remember me.
Today I let fly words from paper
in the sunset.
And a tree catches fire in the night
Without knowing what to do.
Today all your kisses like a flower
are buried in my heart.
The rain screaming that you're no longer here
It hands me the umbrella of loneliness.
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Palabras de Papel

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