pay attention to

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Traductions idiomatiques de « pay attention to »

pay heed to
Explications :
take heed to
Explications :
Kiinnittää huomiota
Explications :

Sens de « pay attention to »


To be attentive to someone or something.
also "to give attention to"

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« pay attention to » dans des paroles

Residente - René

René, answer me,
It's actually easy
Pay attention to me, pay attention to me, look at me
With which part of the body -think about it- did the Taíno indians play ball?

J Balvin - What are you trying to do?

Now you want to come back (Now you want to come back, yeah)
For what reason, tell me what for, what for (What form what for)
And won't pay attention to you (not at all)
Some time ago I told you it was over (Yes)

As Tequileiras do Funk - Bass Da Da Da TikTok

We female tequila drinkers are tough,
So pay attention-tion-tion-tion to us,
P-p-pay attention to us;
You c-c-can have meaningless sex with me,

Morat - Kisses in War

Who told you that lie?
That you're easy to forget
Don't pay attention to your friends
They're just witnesses of the other half

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Ddaeng (땡)

our everything is ddaeng
while somebody had influence
I don't pay attention to ddaeng
hunnit bae hunnit bae hunnit bae hunnit bae ddaeng

Up Dharma Down - Fate

At the unexpected
Meeting of worlds
There are only a few that connect
And we feel it resonate

Darell - Hot

Don't pay attention to the bad stuff
Live your life with nothing holding you back
And stay single, pay attention to me (mount your legal case against me)
Street salt, baby, you should rebel

Lomepal - Eyes Say

I was able to become an artist, so I did it
But I saw that she was hurting under her plexus, and my excuses no longer had any effect
*Oh my, pay attention to what ** minds annoy and promise
I already lied, yes, the day where I told her that I was honest, I was honest

El Chapo de Sinaloa - She needs a kiss

That she needs a kiss , a little romance
That she needs to feel like when she was his girlfriend
He needs to pay attention, to talk love to her
That he really knows how to win her heart

Aitana - Nothing goes wrong

Without knowing what will happen
One more step must be given
Pay attention to the feeling
And like that, we get carried away

Black M - My brother-in-law

Welcome my brother, but attention all the same
Welcome my brother, pay attention to her
Welcome my brother, but attention all the same

Mafumafu - Look At Meeee

At least when we stay together.

Please pay attention to me,

Jay Chou - Dandelion's Promise

In the corridor we stand as punishment and have our hands
Yet we pay attention to the dragonfly by the window.
Wherever I go you follow very closely.

TJ Monterde - You and I

You and I, we won't be separated again.

Storms in our lives I won't pay attention to.
Destined future, you are my star.

Frozen 2 (OST) - Seeking the Truth

I hear you, I'm putting up my guard
Who's asking for trouble? No, I can't
There's thousands of reasons I can't pay attention to you again
I'm ignoring your murmurs, which have an invisible force over me


But today,
you can drink like an elephant
Don’t pay attention to what you’re wearing
He’s wearing a soccer uniform

The Little Mermaid (OST) - Under the sea

The flute sounds, carp on the harp
Pay attention to the double bass
You will hear the trumpets with the drum.

Nassif Zeytoun - I don’t think so

He will go crazy just like I’m going crazy.

Pay attention to his heart!
Remember my heart who is always with you.

Natti Natasha - It was necessary

It wasn't me
The photo which they showed you with another, it wasn't me
Pay attention to your friends and you're crazy
It wasn't me

Sebastián Yatra - How to look at you?

that i do not want this love to be temporary
suddenly one day is given and I am waiting for you?
we haven't to pay attention to fate.