Expressions idiomatiques

Expression idiomatiqueLangueÉquivalentsExplications 
for old times' sakeanglais3
It's such an ancient pitch!anglais-
snake oilanglais-
anglais #1, #2
Pitching a tentanglais1
nothing is impossibleanglais3
impossible is nothinganglais3
another day another dollaranglais2
Another day another dimeanglais2
Weight of the worldanglais-
look on the bright sideanglais-
make up for lost timeanglais-
come and goanglais-
jump out of one's skinanglais-
throw a partyanglais1
round the corneranglais-
off the back of a lorryanglais-
give a hundred percentanglais-
come up withanglais-
make a differenceanglais-
drop a lineanglais-
stay in touchanglais2
break the newsanglais-
think straightanglais-
an ace up one's sleeveanglais2
He's a chip off the old blockanglais-
Don't cry over spilt milkanglais-
this way and thatanglais-
I have your backanglais3
Ain't that a bitchanglais-
better the devil you know than the devil you don'tanglais-
It`s Dutch to meanglais29
be running on emptyanglais-
put a bee in sb's bonnetanglais1
Shout from the rooftopsanglais2
do timeanglais2
be spoken foranglais-
Have the last laughanglais-
While the grass grow the cow starvesanglais2
one for the roadanglais-
you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggsanglais-
turc #1, #2
to play on one's heart stringsanglais1
It's Raining Cats And Dogsanglais1
Forever and everanglais14
We'll cross that bridge when we come to itanglais-
don't put all your eggs in one basketanglais-
call the shotsanglais-
stand and deliveranglais-
Threw a lifeline Through the life lineanglais-
rest one's headanglais-
know betteranglais-
What aboutanglais-
get right on smthanglais-
a knuckle sandwichanglais-
mad as a wet henanglais3
to get the elbowanglais-
to look out for someoneanglais2
I was so mad I could chew nails!anglais-
Watch your backanglais2
anglais #1, #2, turc
My lips are sealedanglais3
To put something to restanglais2
run out of townanglais-
heads or tailsanglais5
Spend like a sailoranglais2
All or nothinganglais13
He is as mad as a hatter.anglais1
quick and dirtyanglais3
blow your head offanglais3
shut your trapanglais7
Off The Chainanglais-
Off The Chainanglais-
á toaanglais3
to pad the hoofanglais1
To be through with someoneanglais1
drift backanglais-
What comes around, what goes aroundanglais4
to be on the same wavelengthanglais6
life in the fast laneanglais-
more bark than biteanglais1
lower the boom onanglais-
anglais #1, #2, letton, turc
All wool and a yard wideanglais-
let things slideanglais-
signed, sealed and deliveredanglais-
turn of the tideanglais-
cover the waterfrontanglais-
all eyes and earsanglais15
beat itanglais-
full blastanglais32
flat out/ full blast/ (at) top speedanglais32
It’s all fun and gamesanglais-
the Family Jewelsanglais2
wheel and dealanglais-
primrose pathanglais-
all around Robin Hood’s barnanglais-
preach to the choiranglais-
on the horns of a dilemmaanglais-
suffer fools gladlyanglais-