Expression idiomatiqueLangueÉquivalentsExplications 
What's it to you?anglais-
You can whistle for itanglais6
get a gripanglais3
Thrown in faceanglais-
Pork barrelanglais1
over rough and smoothanglais2
over hedge and ditchanglais2
Many a true word is spoken in jestanglais1
Do as you would be done byanglais1
The bigger they are, the harder they fallanglais2
By the sweat of your faceanglais6
Get a fixanglais-
allemand #1, #2, anglais, turc
Get kicksanglais-
highs and lowsanglais-
turn (one's) face to the wallanglais-
Working hard or hardly workinganglais-
(To be) all smilesanglais1
Ta ta for nowanglais1
whip the devil around the stumpanglais9
so help meanglais-
black and whiteanglais1
really somethinganglais-
to feast one's eyesanglais3
nip in the budanglais1
Talk the hind legs off a donkeyanglais11
Take hair of the dog that bit youanglais21
Look like something that cat dragged/brought inanglais1
Not a step closeranglais4
bitch lasagnaanglais-
Have a bee in one's bonnetanglais1
look what the cat dragged inanglais-
seconds flatanglais-
accident waiting to happenanglais-
in the here and nowanglais-
life and limbanglais1
work up the courageanglais5
queen beeanglais-
hell's bellsanglais-
Measure twice and cut onceanglais2
deft touchanglais1
work up the nerveanglais11
the throw of a stoneanglais3
brush up onanglais-
you and yoursanglais-
Get your skates onanglais-
hop in the sackanglais-
anglais #1, #2, russe
Got it madeanglais-
stand someone upanglais1
hit homeanglais1
I can't change my moldanglais-
allemand #1, #2
Put down rootsanglais1
to chase a rainbowanglais45
Scarce as hen's teethanglais2
to have a dog in the fightanglais-
anglais #1, #2, russe
take something off my chestanglais2
Go on a batanglais4
Hard upanglais1
Jacked upanglais-
cat's meowanglais4
Turn up one's toesanglais108
You can’t have a cake and eat it, tooanglais1
The Devil finds work for idle handsanglais1
Raise the cainanglais-
pop off the hooks anglais108
Looking backanglais-
fight foot and nail for somethinganglais4
all cats are grey in the darkanglais2
Ears are burninganglais2
idle awayanglais2
After death the doctoranglais1
to be/feel peckishanglais-
Be in the catbird seatanglais6
had it cominganglais1
to keep an eye out (for)anglais-
to keep an eye onanglais-
Act/play the goatanglais2
Took some for the teamanglais19
Make a moveanglais13
Took one for the teamanglais19
pull the pluganglais1
blood sweat and tearsanglais-
eye on the prizeanglais2
eye on the ballanglais2
Sell someone a pupanglais14
Fish storyanglais13
Live like a fighting cockanglais1
Count one's chickens before they are hatchedanglais10
Take a leakanglais-
If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountainanglais3
Post hasteanglais59
Post asteanglais59
only time will tellanglais8
time will tellanglais25
bad hatanglais2
bad lotanglais2