Pinay (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais


Do you need to go overseas?
Don't you have a place here?
If it's about a babe, there are a lot here
Here guys are few
Why do you need to leave your native land?
This is where you learned your tricks
It is not that easy
to live overseas
And if you marry
Get a **Pilipina
Because pinays* are pretty
They are good at home***
Check the way they dress, it's ok
And if you love, a pinay is also ok
Because pinays* are pretty
They are good at home***
Sometimes they can be jealous
Because jealousy is a sign
of love of a pinay
Publié par Marco Pogi le Jeu, 02/08/2018 - 21:23
Ajouté en réponse à la demande de SaintMark
Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

*Pinay : (slang) a Filipino woman
**Pilipina : female Filipino/Pilipino
bebot : (slang) a girl/gal
kelot : (slang) boy/guy
Filipino language do not have personal pronouns that distinguish a male from a female like "he", "she", "him", and "her". We use nouns to denote the sex of the noun, so a Filipino/Pilipino is a male while Pilipina/Filipina is a female; eg. ( Hapon - guy from Japan, Haponesa - woman from Japan; Amerikano - male American, Amerikana - female American)

***This song can be considered sexist in this day in age. Filipino culture is full of machismo and "male dominating" mindset. This song was written roughly 30 years ago, so the writers words reflect the culture during that period.



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