Miljoonasade - Piru ja sen isoäiti (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Devil and its Grandmother

I was quaffing for the sixth day
Aquavit* in the heatwave
in the deck of a small hotel
in Judas' arse someplace
The butler snored under a table
vomit in the pocket of his tailcoat
in the ceiling sluggishly the stench
was stirred by a fan black as death
Suddenly rang the reception's bell,
I stumbled to the door and saw
a mongrel pig and a midget
wearing nikita** upside down
Do you have free suites, sir
it bowed it's snout to the ground
to the yard have arrived with their entourage
Devil and its grandmother
Devil and its grandmother!
In the yard seven demons drank
piss of a donkey straight from its arse
a limping hag sang a psalm, in her mouth
a pipe made of human tibia
There quarreled and burned farts
three dirty angel whores
and a civil servant who looked like a drunken herring
measured hanging rope to the poor
And like Mannerheim*** in lead of a parade
cut in two with a stone chisel
there on a corpse of a horse rode
the Devil and its grandmother
Devil and its grandmother!
That night we partied ragingly,
the hotel swayed in the wind
in the morning I woke from the devils bed
and between us the grandmother
You are mens men both,
sighed the happy old lady
but stranger, you I adore
there's a mighty staff in your groin
I stayed in the hotel drinking away my hang over,
when the court hurried on the road,
I shouted: take Devil greetings to Finland
and the grandmother glanced me tenderly
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Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

*) Strong, alcoholic drink. Name cames from latin Aqua vitae.
**) A fur hat.
***) Finnish war-hero and former president, regarded as one of the greatest Finns of all time, even though that can be debated. His statue is in Helsinki.


Piru ja sen isoäiti