פתאום כשלא באת (Pitom Kshe'Lo Bat) (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglaisanglais

When Suddenly You Didn't Come

Now after two or three days
since you left and took with you all that i was
i discovered pictures on the white wall
and a few gray clouds on the kitchen ceiling
On the same day that you left
the clock rang and woke up the whole house
and winter sunlight entered via the shutters
and i saw faces in my coffee, similar and not
Suddenly when you didn't come
i wanted so much
suddenly when you didn't come
i became cold
and i turned on the light in the next room
and i waited hours for you without air or body
After the ceiling slid into the floor
and the skies were filled with birds
and i traveled far like a wild dove
and i was dreaming and was awake
Very slowly the light went out on its own
and i was left in darkness and was alone
the pictures slid off the wall
very sad, because suddenly when you didn't come
Suddenly when you didn't come....
Merci !
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This translation is dedicated to the memory of גרי אקשטיין ז"ל, Gary Eckstein Z"L, who returned to his maker on 20.9.2021.


פתאום כשלא באת (Pitom Kshe'Lo Bat)

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