По друм одам, мајче (Po drum odam, majče) (traduction en anglais)

По друм одам, мајче

По друм одам мајче, по друм лежам,
аман, друм-перница, мајче,
Сношти вечер, мајче, кога легнав,
аман, кога легнав, мајче,
сон си видов.
На раце, ле мајче, ми спиеше,
аман, ми спиеше, мајче
едно лудо младо.
Пуштив рака, мајче да ја фатам,
аман, лудо младо, мајче
не си најдов.
Кога ќе ме жениш мајче да ми кажеш,
аман, беќарштилак, мајче не се трпи
Само легни, мајче, само стани.
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I go along the road, mommy

I go along the road, mommy, I lie on the road,
alas, the road is my pillow, mommy
the road is my place to rest.
Last night, mommy, when I laid down [to sleep],
alas, when I laid down [to sleep], mommy,
I saw a dream.
She was sleeping, mommy, on my arms,
alas, she was sleeping [on me], mommy
a crazy young [girl].1
I reached, mommy, to grab her,
alas, a crazy young [girl] mommy
I found no more.
When will you get me into marriage2, mommy, tell me.
Alas, this bachelor life3, mommy, is unbearable,
Going to sleep alone, mommy, waking up alone.
  • 1. The expression "crazy young" is common in Macedonian folk songs. "Crazy" does not refer as a state of mind, but rather as in "crazy in love". Also the adjectives are in neutral gender (it is a feature of all Slavic languages), implying young person. Could be either a boy or a girl, but later in the song it is revealed that it is a girl.
  • 2. Back in the old Balkan days, it was up to the mother (or the aunt) of the groom to find him a woman to marry, or if the groom already was in love with some girl, the mother had to go to her family to ask for her hand. This still exists in some places although it is rare
  • 3. A.K.A. single life
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