Laura Pausini - Primavera in anticipo (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Early Spring

I don't take for granted
Nothing what I have,
Not even the smallest shudder, not now.
There is more oxygen
In my perimeter,
It's the most clearest symptom
I confess, you are my primary reason which is in me now
For all good that there is.
I know,
You are my early spring,
The proof which
Shows what effect you have on me
Our photo
Now...will not leave you,
It's a mutual hymn.
That is why the air is changing in my lungs,
However you are
You are all good that there is.
I know
This early spring
Is the example that
Shows what effect you have on me.
Flowers...which are born from the bramble,
Here outside they are faults.
Without any doubts you are a creator
Of this early spring which there is
In me
Here outside,
On our photo.
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Primavera in anticipo

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