Raudoni Vakarai (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Red Evenings

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In my palms the bees buzz, water in your lungs,
In my palms the morning fades, sad as a soldier's dog.
My arms--full of sand, grind the sky, full of clouds,
millstones cry and weep; I collapse onto your shoulders.
I will lie down; you will come back,
There'll be red evenings,
The enemy will fall, everything will change,
My Lithuania, without fate--are you scared?
Blizzards rise for the third time, the bees fell from the palms,
The city bell hummed and cried, brothers vanished in the forests,
Moaning birches complaining to the lindens all night,
Blood red flooded our half-empty houses.
When I lied down, you did not come back,
Where red evenings are,
The empty cross of the empty road,
My Lithuania, without fate--are you scared?
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Raudoni Vakarai

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