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180 에 65 나름 각나오는 스팩
No 빡빡이 어깨위로 길게 늘어뜨린 Hair
썰면 세접시는 나올 입술 ,짙은 눈썹
길게 찢어져 얌생이 같은 눈매 who dat who dat
눈에 띄게 활발한 성격 But I’m No 착한아이
반반하게 굴다가도 뒤바껴 낮과밤사이
캐나다 1년 중국 1년 일본 3년
나름 유학파인데도 외국어 서투른게 단점 Damn..
힙합,미술,패션,IU,불량식품 선호
지하철 비매너,양아치,오르막길 혐오
관심사 외엔다 설렁설렁 하는 정도
모든 베일을 벗고 나타날 2011년도
탁월한 센스나 감각은 좀 부족한편
뭐..기본으로 기성세대에 늘 발 맞춰
일단 필이 꽂히는건 지르고봐 I love Shopping
구매충동이 제일의 취약점
상위는 JULIUS, viviene Shirt위 가디건
겨울엔 Gray hood Leather Jacket을 입어
물론 Favorite Brand 는 Rick owens, Dior
데님은Dsqured2 벨트는 Louis Vuitton
BIzniz 曰 “지금 넌 Swagger 0점”
그치만 형 나 핫데뷔후엔 가산점
까지 쳐줄께 뻔해요, 두고봐주세요
하루가 다르게 자라나고있단걸 non stop yo
자존심 쎈편 “절대안해” 쎈척
객석의 함성, 조명아래선 개폼
밤만되면 괴성지르니 옆집과 냉전중
U better Recognize 천성이 Rapper
비판,질타의 대상으로 놓였을때
난 달갑게 수긍하고 비로서 도약을해
한자라도 써놔야 그제서 눈붙힐수있어 난 Everday
마법걸린 여자들보다도 더 예민해
I don’t need Yankie cap 이마에 힙합이라고 적혀있자나
“억~”. 소리나오게 Rhyming하고
박자감각에 황인종맞나? 긴가민가하고
헷갈리지마라 Zico 내가진짜야


180 and 65 a sight to behold
No shaved head, grown out above shoulder length hair
Thick lips, dark eyebrows
with charismatic sharp eyes who dat who dat
With a cool personality that catches attention But I’m no good guy
I act one way during the day but I’m different at night
Canada one year, China one year, Japan three years
Even though I studied aboard my weak point is I’m bad at foreign languages. Danm…
Hip hop, art, fashion, IU, I prefer fast food
On the subway I have no manners, a jackass, I hate rules
Anything other than my interests have no meaning to me
I’m gonna shed all my bad traits and emerge in the year 2011
I lack a sense of judgment and feel
but I go along with the flow
A compulsive buyer I love shopping
my weak point is being a shopaholic
My top is JULIUS, a Viviene shirt with a cardigan
In the winter I wear a gray hood leather jacket
Of course, my favorite brand is Rick Owens, Dior
My denim is Dsqured2 my belt is Louis Vuitton
Blzniz says “You’re swagger right now, 0 points.”
but after I debut you’ll give me max points
it’s obvious, please watch me
Day after day I’m gonna keep rising non stop yo
I have a lot of pride “I’ll never do it” I pretend to be strong
The audience goes crazy, I strike a pose on stage
Every night the neighbors scream, we’re not on talking terms
U better recognize I’m a natural rapper
Criticism, when I’m put on the spot
I quietly agree, but when it’s over I do it again
Even if it’s one letter I have to write it so I’ll be able to close my eyes Everyday
I’m a bigger perfectionist then a women caught under a spell
I don’t need Yankie cap I have hip hop written on my forehead
My rhyming makes people scream
Do my beats feel oriental? Think about it
Don’t be confused. Zico. I’m the real deal
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