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Do my thang

Every single night and every single day
I'ma do my thing, I'ma do my thang
So don't you worry about me, I'ma be okay
Cause I'ma do my thang, I'ma do my thang
And I, I'ma-I'ma-I'ma do my thang
And I, I'ma-I'ma-I'ma do my--
I'ma do my thang (x3)

[Verse 1]
Bang bang, I'ma shoot 'em down baby
Look at me, I'm high up off the ground baby
Oh shit, pass that shit around, baby
That shit true, but I don't hear a sound
I'm a southern belle crazier than hell
Getting wild up in here, getting live up in here
Burning up up in here, turnt up up in here
We tear the roof up now we up out of here

We do it, we do it, we don't give a fuck
Only thing we think about is turning up, turning up
We do it, we do it, we do it all the way live
So everybody hands to the sky cause


[Verse 2]
Bang bitch! You think I'm strange bitch?
It's bananas like a fuckin' 'rangutan bitch
Don't worry 'bout me, I got it all arranged bitch
Mind your business, stay in your lane bitch
Oh yeah I'm a southern belle
I told ya'll once before I get crazier than hell
Get wild up in here, get live up in here
Turnt up up in here, burning up up in here

[Bridge + Chorus]

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